Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vacation Mt Rushmore and more Part 1

On our drive back to Nebraska we did some vacationing...On our second day of driving we stopped at Custer Battlefield Cafe for some lunch

Marvin choose a Bison Burger
while I choose the frybread and tomato soup.I did not even know what frybread is deep fried bread and it was so yummy....I ate it with  honey on yummy

After a full tummy we walked around outside.  It was really warm but we enjoyed our stop.

The next day we arrived at Mt. Rushmore...It was so beautiful
You just can't imagine unless you have been there the majestic feeling we had.
We just stood and stared for quite a while.  We did walk the down the several steps to see the information on each president.  
of course we had to find our home flag
and our birth home flag 
 We had a wonderful time.  Next stop was the little town Keystone that was close by.  I love rhubarb so we stopped by for a wine tasting and bought a few bottle of various wine even though we are not big wine drinkers  .  We bought a bottle of the rhubarb wine and shared it with my sister...I think they forgot to add the sugar in the bottle I bought.  It was sour....

We then headed over and had our pictures taken in old fashioned picture.  It was so fun....the group of photographers that worked with us were really good at their jobs  


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Garden of the Gods

We had a wonderful time on vacation.  We visited the Garden of of the Gods in Colorado Springs. What a beautiful and awesome creation.  I have many pictures to post.