Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gardens of the Gods

We stayed at Garden of Gods Lodge while we were in Colorado Springs.  You can also see Pikes Peak  The view from our room was breathtaking.  
There were a little bunny family that was running around too.

We did indulge in room service.   The food was on so good. 
We had never seen a magpie before but as we were unloading our luggage this little bird was a nuisance.  

The rocks looked like they were glowing in the morning bright sunlight  
 Upon hitting the trails we saw this sign......YIKES that is all I could think about.  
 This was one of the favorite places we stopped while enjoying the beautiful state of Colorado.

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Sister Susie Says said...

Hi, Janet! Thank you for visiting my blog! This year I am taking one of the "Fruits of the Spirit" each month.

We didn't go near Pike's Peak when we went through Colorado last August. It's amazing how different it looks from a distance than when the climbers area actually on it!!

What a cute bunny picture! It looks like there may be an "Easter Egg" in the back ground. Are you sure this isn't the Easter Bunny, lol!

Food is good anytime you don't have to cook it yourself, ha!

The magpie is beautiful in its colors! It's a shame it can't be as beautiful in its personality, lol!

The bright rocks look like clay that is ready to be form into something!

We have rattlesnakes here in Florida. I drove down my street one day and it looked like a long stick in the road. I stopped beside it and opened the door; it was a 6 foot rattle snake! His only response was to lift his tail and shake his rattlers. He had eaten something and was sunning himself on the hot pavement! I'm glad my truck had me about 5 foot off the ground! And, no, I didn't run over him!

It's awe inspiring to see the formations of the rocks! Not two are alike! Thank you, Janet for sharing your travels!
Blessing to you all, Susan