Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Morgan

Happy Birthday to our granddaughter Morgan today. 
Papa and Nana were so excited to welcome her into the world
She had beautiful blue eyes which turned to beautiful green eyes like her mom, dad and sister all have.   . 
and of course someone made sure she had some Nebraska PJ's
Morgan has the sweetest disposition.  She is all full of smiles

She is full of so much energy.
She loves the color blue
She loves to drive the dune buggy

She is a beautiful little girl with bright green eyes and a huge smile.

Some things about Morgan

she loves to play outside
she would rather play with boy toys than girl toys
she love to wear dresses
she loves her cat Marie
she loves her dog Maggie
She love to play with bugs and spiders
She love snakes and will even hold one
she love lady bugs
she loves the color blue
she loves to play WII
She loves her mom and dad
She love her sister Kayla
she loves to go to school
she loves to pray before our meal

She is a joy in our lives and we thank God for  her.

Happy Birthday Morgan Marie
Nana and Papa love you! 


Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Happy 11th Anniversary to our daughter Jennifer and her husband Matt. 
 Matt and Jennifer headed to Germany shortly after they were married.  After that they were stationed in upstate New York, Georgia, Kansas and now in Washington.  I think they have it down living the military life.   Matt has had 3 deployments during their marriage.  We are so proud of both of them as it takes a huge commitment. 
What a journey they have been on.  They have been blessed with two children Emma 8 and Logan 5. We are so excited they are so much closer to home so we can spend more time together. 
Congratulations Jennifer and Matt
We love you! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A fun weekend

Saturday night Marvin and had "date night".   We went to Sears and bought a new washer.  (our front loader) is in pretty bad shape.  I have never liked that washer from the beginning anyway.  We bought a top loading high efficacy washer. I can't wait to get it.  That was the start of the date well actually we had to stop and get gas in my SUV first it was almost 70.00.  I just hate the high gas prices. Next it was on Roadhouse steakhouse. 
 There he is my handsome hubby my date......He chose to have steak while I stayed within my diet and had a Salad with Mesquite chicken on the top.  The dressing was a yummy lemon dill.  We had an early meal since Marvin had worked all day.  I was able to get the house clean and run errands while he was gone. 

We were back home early and watched the new Gold Rush show in South America.  Perfect romantic date for me.....

Our Pastor was back this morning from his sabbatical.  During the first 2 weeks he was gone he took a group of people to Israel.  It is really expensive to go.  He said they may go again in 2 years.  We are really interested in going. 

I am getting excited this weekend as Marvin and our son Jeremy  are tearing out the carpet in the Master bedroom and putting in a Laminate wood floor.  I think it will help my allergies a lot.  We have real Oak floor throughout the rest of the house. 

Our grandkids have been enjoying the water and nice weather
Pictured is 5 year old Logan and 8 year old Emma tubing. 
6 year old Morgan and 9 year Kayla are posing as there new backyard pool is filling.  I didn't realize how deep it is.  The girls have both have had swimming lessons.  We will be up there in a few weeks and may decide to take a dip. 

Have a Blessed week!