Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Easter Celebrations

Good Friday and Saturday we were able to spend with our Portland/Vancouver area families.  What a time of celebration it was for us.  We spend Friday evening with our daughter Holly and son in law Ricky.  Holly is always making us a new low fat recipe.  She made us stuffed peppers with Jasmine rice, onion, browned ground turkey and I am not sure what else.  They were yummy though.  She also made a spinach green salad with carrots and cucumbers  

Saturday morning she got up and her and Ricky finished the ingredients to bake a Spinach Quiche.  oh Yumm... I wanted more but I limited myself to one piece.

 We ate and headed off to meet our son Jeremy, daughter in law Sara, granddaughters Kayla and Morgan and also Sara's dad, her sister and her sister boys also went along to go to the Big Easter Egg hunt.  There were so many people.  The weather was perfect.  While were we waiting I was snapping pictures.  This is the first picture I took of the field full of eggs. 

You can see my shadow but also you can see what looks like a cross.  This shadow was from the roped off area that had stakes every 6 feet or so. This picture says it all.  The true meaning of Easter is not all about the eggs but it is about the Resurrection of our Lord. 

The day was perfect for an Easter Egg hunt, the sun was shining so brightly and the sky was blue.  There were fields for each age group.  Morgans group was the first group we watched for the 4 to 6 year olds. 
There she goes racing to gather eggs. 
she was so proud of the all eggs she found
Next it was Kayla's turn

She looks so grown up
Look at all the kids
She got a bucket full too....
It was fun to be able to watch all the kids.  It reminded me of the Easter Eggs hunts our kids went to all thougth they were on a much smaller version.
We all met back at Holly's house for another Easter egg Hunt.

The girls had so much fun opening their eggs.
Here I caught Marvin sneaking a piece of Morgan's candy

Soon it was time for mid day Dinner of Ham and Potato casserole along with more goodies.  We enjoyed out family time and are getting excited to know that next Easter we will be celebrating with Jennifer, Matt, Emma and Logan too.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to our son

Happy Birthday to our son Jeremy today.  He is 32 years old.  That really makes me feel old although I was only 21 when he was born. 
This photo of his family that was taken during last summer in Nebraska.  It was great that we all were able to vacation together.
It just seems like yesterday when he was born. 

He had such a good disposition and has always been a Mommy's boy

Always smiling.  He was so full of energy playing all day.
He is still the same.  Well maybe not that full of energy although he works long weeks.  Here he is with his wife Sara.
We are so proud of you Jeremy.  You are a good dad, husband and son.  We cherish every moment we have spent with you and your family and look forward to making more memories.
Happy Birthday son
We love you
Mom & Dad

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The rest of our time in Kansas

On Sunday morning since we didn't go to Church we had a lesson on what God expects out of children.  We talked about that God commands us to honor our Father and Mother.  I explained that meant listening to your mom and dadand also about helping your mom and dad too. 

Emma sang us some songs.  She has a very good voice.  When she sang part of a Church song and her voice got low I was in tears it was so beautiful.  

This was a picture of Jennifer and Matt before the Wedding. 

We were all anxiously waiting for their return so we could chat and play some more games.

 They were entertained watching me and the kids bowling

 Logan was entertaining us with his cool body language
and then I was challenged by Emma in  field and track
I was a huffing and puffing and had problems get my legs high enough to leap over the hurdles.
 This picture was taken on the morning we leaving for the airport.  The kids had to go to school.  It was bitter sweet. 

because we know that we will see them all again the end of June when they move closer to us. 
Special things about Emma
She has the voice of an angel
She is a good helper
She can play nicely with her brother
She loves to read
She has alot of energy
She likes to cuddle
She said our dinner prayers
She has sparkling brown eyes
She gave up her  room so I could sleep in it the whole time we were there

Special things about Logan
He is a busy boy
He love his new dog Autzen
He has sparkling blue eyes
He has a beautiful smile
He like to cuddle
He love to build Lego's
He has a great imagination
He likes his big sister to read him a book
He loves the color orange
He let his sister share his room and sleep on the bunk in his room while we were there
Thank you God for blessing us with our daughter Jennifer, son in law Matt and their children Emma and Logan. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crafts, Easter egg hunt and more fun in Kansas

On Saturday after lunch and it was just us and the kids we put out paper to do a craft. 

Logan was all ready to start

We took a clean mason jar, and a glow stick and cut the glow stick in half.  We then  poured the liquid into the jar. 
Next step was to put glitter in the jar
Logan was able to do it himself
Then Emma put the lid on it and shaked it
and this was the finished product.  I think we could have used more glitter.   It really was pretty when it got dark outside.
Next it was onto a Easter egg hunt
We sent the kids downstairs while we hid the eggs in the living room and then called them to the top of the steps so they would both get to start at the same time
and then they were off
 Logan was slow to open his up
But Emma was opening hers faster
 It was kind of funny after we got done Emma asked why there was no candy in the eggs because that is what she wanted.  the truth is we did not have any candy to fill the eggs and we thought dollars and quarters would be good.
Logan was so excited to go put all his money in his piggy bank which I helped him do.  Although I guess I wasn't doing it correctly because he kept telling me that I was doing it wrong. 
We also gave them some goodies. Pez Candy and a Yo Yo
they demonstrated while standing on the sofa how to play with their new light up yo yos
Emma went and got papa an extra one so he show then how to do the trick walking the dog. 
Soon it was time for another movie.  This time we watched Lorax.  It was a good movie too.
This was our last night before Jennifer and Matt came home and we enjoyed being with the kids alot. 

Friday afternoon in Kansas

After my parents left in the afternoon it wasn't long before my sister Joyce and brother in law Scott came for a visit.  Marvin, Scott. Emma and Logan headed downstairs to play X Box while Joyce and I sat upstairs to chat.

They were doing field and track

I love this picture of my sister Joyce and I
There was also time for rest for Uncle Scott Emma and Logan
Saturday morning we got up and the kids wanted to go outside to build and igloo.  The dog was ready to play in the snow too.
 It was slow going on the igloo because Papa Marvin's back started to hurt and it was about 28 degrees outside. 
Emma just wanted to make snow balls
There was over 12 inches of snow still on the ground.
We were trying to snap a picture of me and my sister and evidently  Marvin did not want to be in the picture. 
Although he did straighten up to pose with me. 
Thanks Joyce and Scott for the visit.....We had a great time!