Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Morgan

Happy Birthday to our granddaughter Morgan today. 
Papa and Nana were so excited to welcome her into the world
She had beautiful blue eyes which turned to beautiful green eyes like her mom, dad and sister all have.   . 
and of course someone made sure she had some Nebraska PJ's
Morgan has the sweetest disposition.  She is all full of smiles

She is full of so much energy.
She loves the color blue
She loves to drive the dune buggy

She is a beautiful little girl with bright green eyes and a huge smile.

Some things about Morgan

she loves to play outside
she would rather play with boy toys than girl toys
she love to wear dresses
she loves her cat Marie
she loves her dog Maggie
She love to play with bugs and spiders
She love snakes and will even hold one
she love lady bugs
she loves the color blue
she loves to play WII
She loves her mom and dad
She love her sister Kayla
she loves to go to school
she loves to pray before our meal

She is a joy in our lives and we thank God for  her.

Happy Birthday Morgan Marie
Nana and Papa love you! 



Sister Susie Says said...

Morgan reminds me a lot about me, ha! I was always one who like to play with cars rather than dolls. (I love my customized Titan truck now!) I did like my stuffed animals! I always loved my cats, dogs, and now my birds! (I missed them greatly when I was away the last 2 weeks!) I didn't care for the bugs, but I did like to catch lizards and play with them, letting them go soon after. Blue is my favorite color too! She loves her family as do I! It is such a wonderful life when so much joy is abundant! Love to you all, Susan

Ginger said...

We're so blessed. Grandchildren are so much fun. I found a saying recently I'd like to have printed.
"Grandmothers are just mommies with fluff." Isn't that cute?
Yes, check me out on Penterest. It's Ginger Smith.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy seeing I have a comment from you.
God bless.