Monday, July 8, 2013

ah feeling all rested

I have been off work for about a week with the Holiday and some earned days off.  I feel so rested.....even though we got a lot accomplished and it feel so GOOD.......We are expecting our daughter Jennifer and her family the middle of this week so I am so excited.  They are staying until the weekend! 

Einstein just got his haircut and he looks so little.  I gave him a dog treat that is shaped like a carrot and it stuck it in his mouth like a cigar......LOL.......he is such a blessing to me. 

This is one of the projects  I completed.  The kids got me this huge frame years ago and every year I try to change the photos.  It is so much work but it is worth it. 

We had to snap a recent picture of us for the frame.  It was quite comical setting the timer after I remembered how to set and trying to run and get into place.  LOL  way too much fun

We sat outside in the cool mornings and lit a fire in our fire pit and watched the birds and the squirrels with a steaming cup of coffee. 
When taking Einstein on his walks we passed by some of these beautiful flowers. 
Aren't they pretty? 


Sister Susie Says said... is so inviting! I'm glad you have been able to get rested!

I just love the picture of Einstein and his "carrot."

WOW! What a picture project! I can see how it would take time! Did you put your "quick snap shot" in it?

Flowers are so beautiful. I just wished they would last longer. My hibiscus bush is so pretty, but the flowers only last a day. Thank goodness it has so many buds on it, about 15 open each day!

Enjoy your family! Susan

Ginger said...

Stoppin' in to say hello!
Love your beautiful flowers. And sitting by the fire pit with your morning coffee sounds so inviting.
Glad you got some rest and a few projects completed. That always makes me feel good too. And the picture frame with family photos is lovely. It's a treasure you'll cherish, then pass on to one of your children.
That's a good photo you took of yourself and your hubby.
Take care.
Looking Up!