Sunday, July 28, 2013

A little of this and little of that

I have to be honest my heart just isn't into blogging,    I have been enjoying reading books by a new found author Lori Wick.  I almost done the Kensington Chronicles.  I can hardly put the books down. 

I am missing the family.  Kayla Emma Morgan and Logan, and all my kids and their spouses.  I can't wait until we can all get together,  It just seems everyone either has to work or they already have plans. 

We are about to start a new project in a couple of weeks.  Our son Jeremy and his family will be down to help. 

Yesterday while Marvin was working I went to Farmers market, grocery store and pet food store and then I read my book a little and ate some lunch.  Einstein and I took a 30 minute nap in the recliner and then I hopped up to do some cleaning.  I noticed the kitchen sink was leaking.  We are still trying to get the part off that needs to be replaced. 

A couple of weeks my Einstein was so sick.  He was vomiting and had the runs.  I ended up taking him to the vet hospital.  They think he ate something bad.  They gave him a shot and sent him home with antibiotics.  He is finally back to his normal self. 

It was a beautiful cool 49 degrees this morning.  We sat outside with a fire in the fire pit

I was able to snap a picture of this beautiful Eurasian Collared-Dove this morning when we were sitting in our back yard. We hear them singing sometimes but they have never come this close before.

This morning we also could not believe our eyes when the bluebird pictured helped himself to the bag of peanuts in Marvin's shop. He poked a hole in the bag. Lesson learned not to leave the shop door open.

The beautiful flowers I posted are from my yard.  The Lord has blessed has blessed us with so much beauty,   I am thankful that I have opened my eyes to see it. 


Ginger said...

Hi Janet.

Sometime my heart just isn't into blogging either. It's okay. Maybe you're just down right now because you miss your sweet family. It's difficult when they are grown and gone; with lives of their own and a busy family routine. We just have to pray for them, and let them go. It sure is hard for a mom though. I understand.
I love your photos. The flowers are so pretty. I'm not a gardener, but I love hydrangea's. They are my favorite flower.
Reading a good book is one of my favorite pastimes. I'll check out author Lori Wick to see if her reads might be something I'd enjoy.
I love to sit on my back porch and watch the birds at my feeders. It's so peaceful. I'm always reminded that our Father watches over the sparrows that fall, and he will surely watch over me. Paraphrased.
I was pleased to see your post since I was wondering how you are doing. I did notice you had not been posting lately. If we lived near each other I'd invite you enjoy a cup of tea. :)
I'll put you on my prayer list. And pray our Father gives you an extra dose of love and blessing!
Looking Up!

Sister Susie Says said...

I notice I have slowed down too! I look back when I first started and had so many blogs per week! I guess I have just given out all I know about myself, ha!

Starting Friday, I'll be gone for two weeks on vacation with my two neighbor friends. I plan on taking enough pictures to share on new blogs! We will be going from Florida up through the states to Missouri, over to South Dakota, down to see Ole Faithful and the Grand Canyon, over through Texas and Louisiana, back to Florida!
Alice has done this so many times with other friends, she already has everything mapped out and hotels reserved! We've been planning it for a year and a half and no it's here! I'm boarding the dogs. Nellie will come once a day to feed the cats and birds.

I'm so glad Einstein is okay now. Did he get into chocolate? It is really bad for dogs and cats!

I know you can hardly wait to see your family again! I hope it is soon (before school starts!)
Love to you all, Susan