Sunday, July 28, 2013

A little of this and little of that

I have to be honest my heart just isn't into blogging,    I have been enjoying reading books by a new found author Lori Wick.  I almost done the Kensington Chronicles.  I can hardly put the books down. 

I am missing the family.  Kayla Emma Morgan and Logan, and all my kids and their spouses.  I can't wait until we can all get together,  It just seems everyone either has to work or they already have plans. 

We are about to start a new project in a couple of weeks.  Our son Jeremy and his family will be down to help. 

Yesterday while Marvin was working I went to Farmers market, grocery store and pet food store and then I read my book a little and ate some lunch.  Einstein and I took a 30 minute nap in the recliner and then I hopped up to do some cleaning.  I noticed the kitchen sink was leaking.  We are still trying to get the part off that needs to be replaced. 

A couple of weeks my Einstein was so sick.  He was vomiting and had the runs.  I ended up taking him to the vet hospital.  They think he ate something bad.  They gave him a shot and sent him home with antibiotics.  He is finally back to his normal self. 

It was a beautiful cool 49 degrees this morning.  We sat outside with a fire in the fire pit

I was able to snap a picture of this beautiful Eurasian Collared-Dove this morning when we were sitting in our back yard. We hear them singing sometimes but they have never come this close before.

This morning we also could not believe our eyes when the bluebird pictured helped himself to the bag of peanuts in Marvin's shop. He poked a hole in the bag. Lesson learned not to leave the shop door open.

The beautiful flowers I posted are from my yard.  The Lord has blessed has blessed us with so much beauty,   I am thankful that I have opened my eyes to see it. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time spent with my daughter Jennifer and her family

It has been years since we have been able to spend time at our home with our daughter Jennifer and her family because of the Army life they live.  They arrived a week ago Wednesday evening.  Marvin had to work both Thursday and Friday and I worked on Thursday and had Friday off. 

Emma, Logan and Papa playing WII
Emma and I  had snuggling time in the early morning hours with a fire.  Jennifer had to be freezing. 
Emma and Logan snuggled with their Papa
Emma and Logan riding with us.  It is weird to have little passengers with us and they were fighting too.
Meal time together
Jennifer and I

Emma feeding the goats at Lonepine

My Einstein and their Autzen getting along

Logan with Einstein

Emma with Einstein.  He really liked Emma a lot.

Logan showing his skills on the playground
Love them so much
Our family...we love....
We had a special weekend that was full of laughter, and tears.  We are learning so much about each other spending time together. 
Some cute things that the kids said
Emma wanted to know why our grass was not green,  I told her all the hot weather had caused it to be burnt and she said we needed to FIX it immediately because she did not like it and at their new house it is really nice and green. 
Logan kept telling Marvin that he was not his boss.  When Jennifer and Matt went out Saturday night Logan did not want to go to bed and told Marvin once again that he was not the boss of him.  Marvin picked up the phone and said okay then I will call your dad.  Logan went straight to bed.  LOL
Emma told me I look like my sister Joyce.,..I was so happy about that until she said that Joyce was my younger sister. She told me I look older........JOYCE is 1 year older than me.....
 I love my family and I have been blessed!  I look forward to spending more time together with them .  Jennifer and I are talking about a daughters/mom get way so watch out Holly and Sara.....
GO DUCKS!  Jennifer and Matt  have season tickets now so  Holly and Ricky and all the gang will meet at our house before they head out for tailgating!   We also get to watch the kids for some of the games.  This Nana goes crazy and yells at the TV when watching the game so I will have to have some self control. 
I love my DUCKS! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

ah feeling all rested

I have been off work for about a week with the Holiday and some earned days off.  I feel so rested.....even though we got a lot accomplished and it feel so GOOD.......We are expecting our daughter Jennifer and her family the middle of this week so I am so excited.  They are staying until the weekend! 

Einstein just got his haircut and he looks so little.  I gave him a dog treat that is shaped like a carrot and it stuck it in his mouth like a cigar......LOL.......he is such a blessing to me. 

This is one of the projects  I completed.  The kids got me this huge frame years ago and every year I try to change the photos.  It is so much work but it is worth it. 

We had to snap a recent picture of us for the frame.  It was quite comical setting the timer after I remembered how to set and trying to run and get into place.  LOL  way too much fun

We sat outside in the cool mornings and lit a fire in our fire pit and watched the birds and the squirrels with a steaming cup of coffee. 
When taking Einstein on his walks we passed by some of these beautiful flowers. 
Aren't they pretty? 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our son Jeremy and his family

This picture is of my son Jeremy his wife Sara granddaughters Kayla 9 and Morgan 6 and their dog Maggie. 

We had such a good visit yesterday and this morning.   The girls have grown so much. 

Kayla is a little lady and sat and visited with me and also loves to read so she also was enjoying a new/used book that her and her mom found at the used bookstore. 

 Kayla found a red, white and blue marble in our yard. 
It was so bright this morning that she needed her shades before we took the dogs on a walk.

Morgan is a delight and loves the outdoors.  She is so funny....She loved the garter snake that her dad caught in the backyard. 

She has grown so much.  She is pictured below with my Einstein. 
Marvin and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!