Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Annniversary Holly & Ricky

Today marks the 5th Wedding anniversary for our daughter Holly and her husband Ricky.  Congratulations you two! 
This picture was just taken as they celebrated an early Anniversary in California last week.

Holly and Ricky love to hike and be outdoors. 

We couldn't be more happier to see Holly and Ricky explore things on their journey of Marriage and their walk with God. 
Mom & Dad


Sister Susie Says said...

Happy 5th anniversary to Holly and Ricky!

The months, for me, seem to be going faster! I can't believe June is almost over with! Brooklyn is four months old already! All my best to you and yours, Susan.

Ginger said...

Love that you give us a peak at your sweet family. And I think it's so nice you post for every occasion. I'll just steal...I mean borrow that post idea from you.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and summer. Happy first day of summer!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
HOpe Holly and Rick had a wonderful
Anniversary. Congrats to them on 5 years, they are such a cute couple,
and know you are proud of them.
Love seeing pics of your family.

Hope all is well with you my dear.
Love and blessings, nellie