Monday, May 27, 2013

Fun at the Super Regional Womens Softball games

The College Women's softball team hosted the Super Regional games beginning last Saturday here in Eugene.  It was the Oregon Ducks vs Nebraska Huskers.  Of course Marvin wanted to go.  So we got out our game shirts

Marvin of course was in his Oregonians for Nebraska Shirt.  The game started at 5 but we headed out early and went over to our friends house so we could ride together.  Mike snapped a quick picture of us.
It was about 70 degrees but the sun was right on us. Marvin stuck out like a sore thumb.  He was the only red in the section we were sitting in.  Then we got a text from our daughter and my sister in Nebraska that they say us on TV
Marvin had his head down texting and I was eating frozen lemonade and talking to my friend Diane  that we came with.  On the other side of my friend Diane her husband Mike was also texting on his phone. 
The game was good and Nebraska ended up winning the first game.  On our way out we saw the woman that got hit with a pop fly.  She had a very swollen eye that was already black.  I ducked and screamed when that ball came close to us.  It actually ricocheted off the guy in back of us and then hit her.  I hope she is okay. 

Sunday morning we headed back to Howe field for game 2.  We were with another couple for this game.  Back in the hot sun

You can see our friend Penny to the left of Marvin.  There were a few showers but it was hot.
Once again we were on TV.  This was at the end of the game when after 11 innings Oregon won.  We were all on our feet.  I was clapping,  as you can tell by Marvin's body language he was not too happy.  His friend Dwyane with the big hat was to his left. 

There was a one hour delay before the final game.  I was sunburned hot and tired of sitting plus Einstein had been home for several hours and needed to be let outside.  Marvin ran me home and his friend Mike took my place and went back with him.  I was able to watch the 3rd game on TV.
The Nebraska Huskers ended up winning the game and they will head to Oklahoma City  next Thursday for the World Series and will be playing the Washington Huskies.

We had a great time.  I had sunscreen on but still got a little burnt.  Both teams played exceptional well and were respectful to each other. 


Sister Susie Says said...

Softball was my favorite! Our churches in the area had teams. I was on one. I almost hit one over the fence! Of course that was back in the '80's.

You and Marvin sound like me and my dad. I remember years ago, I would pick the opposite team (football) and cheer them on!

My neighbors and I go to the major team baseball Spring practices they have here in Florida. We are lucky to have cover over the area behind the catcher!

So the Corn Huskers are going to play the Huskies? I know you and Marvin had a great time!
Love to you and yours, Susan

Ginger said...

You have a lovely family. God has blessed you tremendously with children and grands. I've got one grand-daughter, a year old. She is such a blessing to our family. I'm enjoying reading your blog and catching up with your posts of the last few years.
I had a blog a few years ago but due to health reasons had to close it down. I've just stuck my toe in the blog world again and have been looking for some blogs I would enjoy reading. I'm a Christian and wanted to read blogs of women with similar backgrounds as me. Also, I read Nellie's Cozy Place blog. And I noticed she follows you too.
I'll be dropping in from time to time to check out how every little thing is in your corner of the world. You can read my new blog at
Look forward to visiting again soon.
God bless you and yours.