Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I am so thankful that our 5 year old grandson  Logan  is recovering well from a concussion that he got yesterday. 
Here he is pictured with his mom and our daughter Jennifer.  Logan as adventurous as he is climbed an outdoor playground toy at day care and fell and hit his head.  He soon started vomiting so his mom had the good sense to take him to the E/R.  After a thorough checkup the Doctor felt that a CT scan was not necessary at this point.  He advised my daughter that there have been studies in children that when radiation is used in a CT Scan it can cause brain cancer in the future.  Since he looked good he was sent him home so his parents could watch him.  He did have an egg sized knot on the back of his head and a headache but he stopped vomiting and he was alert.   He seems to be doing fine is what our daughter told me this morning.

I am also thankful for all the prayer warriors and our church for praying for healing for Logan.   I also was able to talk to my mom and ask her to pray.  Just hearing my moms voice made me feel better.  Thanks be to God for healing Logan.


Sister Susie said...

Thank you for your update on Logan!
I pray his knot goes down and he has no more headaches! I'm thankful the doctor was knowledgeable about the CT scan's possible results and didn't do one. The LORD bless you and yours, Susan

Linda said...

So glad that Logan is better! That must have been frightening for everyone!

What a darling boy he is!

Love, Linda