Sunday, April 7, 2013


This picture was taken Friday.  I just got done exercising so my hair is a mess.  My baby Einstein is my baby.  He has given me so much joy and happiness.

He loves my granddaughter Kayla too
 He got to go hiking with Holly and Marvin and he made it all the way up Mt. Piscah.
He takes me for walks when the weather is nice.  Literally he makes me walk faster which is great exercise. 


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Sister Susie said...

Aren't they a joy! With mine, I am surely never in a time of lull or boredom, ha! In May I will be "baby sitting" my friend's cockatiel, Maxx. (My Macaw's name is Max as well, lol!)

I know your grandchildren must love Einstein dearly too!

Believe it or not, my little Gracie is quick on her feet and runs like the wind outside (even though she's 13 years old now!) I would surely never be able to keep up with her!
Love to you and yours, Susan.