Sunday, March 17, 2013

The rest of our time in Kansas

On Sunday morning since we didn't go to Church we had a lesson on what God expects out of children.  We talked about that God commands us to honor our Father and Mother.  I explained that meant listening to your mom and dadand also about helping your mom and dad too. 

Emma sang us some songs.  She has a very good voice.  When she sang part of a Church song and her voice got low I was in tears it was so beautiful.  

This was a picture of Jennifer and Matt before the Wedding. 

We were all anxiously waiting for their return so we could chat and play some more games.

 They were entertained watching me and the kids bowling

 Logan was entertaining us with his cool body language
and then I was challenged by Emma in  field and track
I was a huffing and puffing and had problems get my legs high enough to leap over the hurdles.
 This picture was taken on the morning we leaving for the airport.  The kids had to go to school.  It was bitter sweet. 

because we know that we will see them all again the end of June when they move closer to us. 
Special things about Emma
She has the voice of an angel
She is a good helper
She can play nicely with her brother
She loves to read
She has alot of energy
She likes to cuddle
She said our dinner prayers
She has sparkling brown eyes
She gave up her  room so I could sleep in it the whole time we were there

Special things about Logan
He is a busy boy
He love his new dog Autzen
He has sparkling blue eyes
He has a beautiful smile
He like to cuddle
He love to build Lego's
He has a great imagination
He likes his big sister to read him a book
He loves the color orange
He let his sister share his room and sleep on the bunk in his room while we were there
Thank you God for blessing us with our daughter Jennifer, son in law Matt and their children Emma and Logan. 

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Sister Susie said...

That was always one of my favorite times as a teacher. When we had our sharing time, some liked to sing for us! It is so precious to hear 4, 5, or 6 year olds to sing!

My bowling (on the WII) started out good, but I got worse as the time went on, ha!

Oh, to have the strength of youth again!

Your lists of blessing is something to look forward to with Brooklyn!
Love to you and yours, Susan.