Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our second day in Kansas

Thursday morning we were up and Emma and Matt headed to school.  Jennifer and I had time for a nice chat while having coffee.

It was so relaxing just to sit in talk to my oldest Jennifer. 
I think it was about 28 outside but Jennifer insisted on grilling chicken for our salads for lunch.
Meanwhile Marvin had taken Logan to the store with him and he let Logan pick put some Lego's.  Papa and Logan worked on the Lego's together.
Then the doorbell rang and it was my parents.   I knew they were coming but it was supposed be the next day.   What a great surprise (Marvin had called and asked them to come early.    You notice how Autzen is in the picture.  He loved my mom

Of Course he wanted to be laying in back of her.

and he really wanted to cuddle up to his mommy (Jennifer)
after Emma got home from school Marvin took Emma to the store she she could pick out something.  She got girl Lego's.  She took them to her room and insisted that she put them together herself.

Then after Jennifer and Matt left for the airport it was time for my dad, Marvin. Emma and Logan to play a game.

My parents had brought down some home canned tomatoes and Marvin and my dad made some yummy goulash for supper.  Our tummies were full.  A little later we all went and put on our PJ's and headed downstairs to watch the movie BRAVE.  That movie was adorable.  But we had a surprise for my parents. 

I had brought Emma and I matching pj's.  The shirt was actually white but I was able to iron a cute glittery cupcake on the shirts.
and here is Logan and Marvin and their matching pj's.  The kids just loved it
My mom and dad settled back to watch the movie.  It was so fun.  We even took a break during the movie to make popcorn. 
It was a great evening for the kids to spend with their grandparents and great grandparents.  And I was thanking God for all these blessings. 


Sister Susie said...

Isn't it just great to share over coffee! I really enjoy doing so even though the doctor told me not to drink it. I have decaffinated every now and then.

Jennifer was definately braving the cold! Was there any wind? I hope the chicken didn't freeze before she got it back in, ha!

Whoever invented Lego's must be a billionaire! I remember my nephew loved Lego's. He had many!

What a wonderful surprise for your mom and dad to show early! I am sure there was a "great time in the ole house tonight!"

Autzen fits right in. Is he a beggar when you eat? Mine have started and I have had to break them of it!

It's so funny when big dogs want to cuddle! Xena (bullmastiff) does
but she is gentle to always step onto the chair arm and not me!

Nellie always has some neat games that we play sometimes at our get togethers.

I just watched Netflix's Marmaduke. It was really cute!

I always liked doing iron on pictures with the kids at school. At the end of the school year we had tee-shirts. I had taken pictures of them with one of their friends and put it on the iron transfer to the shirt.

Popcorn is good. I can't find the popcorn anymore with the cheese "dust" on it. What a great blessing you had with your family!
GOD bless you and yours, Susan

Jennifer Thom said...

All the pictures and descriptions warm my heart. The kids talk about the memories daily. And Emma wears the pajamas just as soon as I wash them!! Love you Mom!!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
That was so nice of your hubby to ask your parents to come early, how thoughtful of him! I am sure your grandchildren loved being surrounded by both sets of grandparents. Isn't it just so fun especially in cold weather to snuggle up in your jamies and watch movies, we love that too,
and how cute that yall had matching the kids really got a kick out of that..........

Now you got me thinking about pop
corn, I just love pop corn, I really could eat it daily, but I don'

My son was the lego king, and still plays anytime he has kids come over he will sit down and play legos with them, so spent money there is..........

Have a great week hon,
Blessings, Nellie