Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Easter Celebrations

Good Friday and Saturday we were able to spend with our Portland/Vancouver area families.  What a time of celebration it was for us.  We spend Friday evening with our daughter Holly and son in law Ricky.  Holly is always making us a new low fat recipe.  She made us stuffed peppers with Jasmine rice, onion, browned ground turkey and I am not sure what else.  They were yummy though.  She also made a spinach green salad with carrots and cucumbers  

Saturday morning she got up and her and Ricky finished the ingredients to bake a Spinach Quiche.  oh Yumm... I wanted more but I limited myself to one piece.

 We ate and headed off to meet our son Jeremy, daughter in law Sara, granddaughters Kayla and Morgan and also Sara's dad, her sister and her sister boys also went along to go to the Big Easter Egg hunt.  There were so many people.  The weather was perfect.  While were we waiting I was snapping pictures.  This is the first picture I took of the field full of eggs. 

You can see my shadow but also you can see what looks like a cross.  This shadow was from the roped off area that had stakes every 6 feet or so. This picture says it all.  The true meaning of Easter is not all about the eggs but it is about the Resurrection of our Lord. 

The day was perfect for an Easter Egg hunt, the sun was shining so brightly and the sky was blue.  There were fields for each age group.  Morgans group was the first group we watched for the 4 to 6 year olds. 
There she goes racing to gather eggs. 
she was so proud of the all eggs she found
Next it was Kayla's turn

She looks so grown up
Look at all the kids
She got a bucket full too....
It was fun to be able to watch all the kids.  It reminded me of the Easter Eggs hunts our kids went to all thougth they were on a much smaller version.
We all met back at Holly's house for another Easter egg Hunt.

The girls had so much fun opening their eggs.
Here I caught Marvin sneaking a piece of Morgan's candy

Soon it was time for mid day Dinner of Ham and Potato casserole along with more goodies.  We enjoyed out family time and are getting excited to know that next Easter we will be celebrating with Jennifer, Matt, Emma and Logan too.


Sister Susie said...

Hi, Janet!
Thanks for coming by my "short" blogs, ha! I know you have been quite busy enjoying your family!

My Saturday was busy with preparations for Easter dinner at Jim's and Nellie's! I made potato salad and collard greens. They had ham, green been casserole, corn, bread, carrot cake, ice cream! Yum yum for the tum tum! It was so good to see Scott, Megan, Brooklyn, Jerry and DeeAnna!

I remember when Nellie had Easter egg hunts for Scott and DeeAnna when they were young. Not too long until they will be doing it for Brooklyn!

It was fun to do at school too! We Kindergarten teachers would have to pick a time for the moms to come and "hide" the eggs in plain sight, ha! Then would come our Easter Party in the class! With the curriculum now a days, there's not much time for those kind of things anymore.

I pray the LORD gave you and your family a glorious time in fellowship of His great Love for us! Love to you and yours, Susan.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
so glad all is well with lil Logan.
What a relief.
Loved that field full of eggs, never seen anything like that before. Looks like yall had lots of Easter fun
and food. We had ham too, with potato salad, green bean casserole,
corn and collard and carrot cake and cookies for dessert. A wonderful day with the family,
Happy bleated birthday to Jeremey too.
blessings hon, Nellie