Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday afternoon in Kansas

After my parents left in the afternoon it wasn't long before my sister Joyce and brother in law Scott came for a visit.  Marvin, Scott. Emma and Logan headed downstairs to play X Box while Joyce and I sat upstairs to chat.

They were doing field and track

I love this picture of my sister Joyce and I
There was also time for rest for Uncle Scott Emma and Logan
Saturday morning we got up and the kids wanted to go outside to build and igloo.  The dog was ready to play in the snow too.
 It was slow going on the igloo because Papa Marvin's back started to hurt and it was about 28 degrees outside. 
Emma just wanted to make snow balls
There was over 12 inches of snow still on the ground.
We were trying to snap a picture of me and my sister and evidently  Marvin did not want to be in the picture. 
Although he did straighten up to pose with me. 
Thanks Joyce and Scott for the visit.....We had a great time! 

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Sister Susie said...

Jim and Nellie have a game system that has bowling, tennis, and other games they use as exercise.

Oh, my! Look at the snow! I guess you have to build up a strength to live in snow! I freeze when it gets to 45 here, ha!

I'm with Emma. I would like to make the snowballs!

Tell Marvin he made a nice picture with his "better half" LOL!
Love to you and yours, Susan