Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crafts, Easter egg hunt and more fun in Kansas

On Saturday after lunch and it was just us and the kids we put out paper to do a craft. 

Logan was all ready to start

We took a clean mason jar, and a glow stick and cut the glow stick in half.  We then  poured the liquid into the jar. 
Next step was to put glitter in the jar
Logan was able to do it himself
Then Emma put the lid on it and shaked it
and this was the finished product.  I think we could have used more glitter.   It really was pretty when it got dark outside.
Next it was onto a Easter egg hunt
We sent the kids downstairs while we hid the eggs in the living room and then called them to the top of the steps so they would both get to start at the same time
and then they were off
 Logan was slow to open his up
But Emma was opening hers faster
 It was kind of funny after we got done Emma asked why there was no candy in the eggs because that is what she wanted.  the truth is we did not have any candy to fill the eggs and we thought dollars and quarters would be good.
Logan was so excited to go put all his money in his piggy bank which I helped him do.  Although I guess I wasn't doing it correctly because he kept telling me that I was doing it wrong. 
We also gave them some goodies. Pez Candy and a Yo Yo
they demonstrated while standing on the sofa how to play with their new light up yo yos
Emma went and got papa an extra one so he show then how to do the trick walking the dog. 
Soon it was time for another movie.  This time we watched Lorax.  It was a good movie too.
This was our last night before Jennifer and Matt came home and we enjoyed being with the kids alot. 

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Sister Susie said...

What a neat idea for the glitter glow jar! I bet it looked like fireflies. Just think of all of the different color of glowsticks that could be used!

I remember when we had the parents send in plastic eggs with candy for us to hide for the class. The different K classes would choose a time and the parents would come and hide them outside for the children to find! They were given a certain # they could collect.

Memories made that will never be forgotten!
Love to you and yours, Susan