Monday, February 18, 2013

This and That

This picture is of our beautiful granddaughter Emma and her dad (our son in law Matt) going out for the Father Daughter tea.   They got all dressed up and had a date. 

and then here is tiger laying in the dogs bed looking out the window.  Doesn't he look comfy?

 Marvin's good friend's dad built us a long sofa table like thing to put in back of the love seat so our spoiled pets could have somewhere to look out the window without raising the mini blinds too high.  He built it so we can open it and store things inside.  We still have to decide if we are going to put a cushion on it or stain it.  He did a great job on it.

Einstein is still very ornery.  He is such a mama's boy.  Tiger and him still are not getting along.
and then here is pretty little Khloe that is so scared of the dog. 
Marvin is still recovering from a bad cough.  It just wants to hang on.  I finally have recovered from my latest problem.  I had a stuffed ear and I could hear my pulse so I went to the Doctor.  I had an ear infection in both of my ears.  The pulse sound just went away yesterday. 
Happy Monday!
Have a great week! 


Sister Susie said...

Hi, Janet!
I remember when as a teacher we would have a Mother's Day Tea at school and the children would serve their moms and grandmoms fancy cookies and tea. They had poems they would read to their mom and gifts of handprints in plaster and I did a shadow profile on black paper. I'd use the overhead projector to make an outine of their head and shoulders profile on black paper, then carefully cut around each detail. They would sit on a desk in front of the light which casted a shadow on it. It is amazing the detail of the nose, lips, chin, eye lashes, even the shape of their hair! I'd attach it to a 24"x22" white sheet of posterboard with their handprint in black ink as well as their footprint in black ink. Many parents over the years told me they had framed it and hung it on their wall.

Tiger really has a thick coat. What a nice fluffy tail!

Marvin did a great job on the "window seat" I just know the cats like it there. I have a window cat seat on my windowsill. Sarah and Katy like to lay in the sun on it. I have never seen Cody lay on it.

Einstein is like my Dolly. She wants to chase Cody when I'm not looking.

Khloe is like my Katy when she's around Dolly. My blog has some cute pictures of the cats and dogs. I just recently got some pictures of Gracie and Cody sleeping in the same chair together! I'll have to post it!

You have a great week too!
Love to you and yours, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi again,
what a sweet pic of Matt and your grandaughter, and bet she was thrilled to be going to tea with daddy. Wow, your cat is huge!
What a great idea, to make that not just a table or seat but to have storage inside, looks really nice.
and all your pets look sweet, and know you love them all.

Hope all is well with you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

oh yea, glad your ears are better and will pray Marvin gets better real soon.

Blessings, Nellie