Friday, January 18, 2013

TJ and Einstein

In  mid 1977 Marvin was a  bachelor and living on own when he got a cute puppy.  He named him TJ. ( After his favorite wine TJ Swan)  .  When Marvin and I met in late 1977  I invaded TJ'S space.   In 1979 Marvin and I married and I became TJ's mommy.  And then the babies started to come.  I will never forget when we brought our first born Jennifer home when she started crying TJ started to run circles around the rocking chair.  He was a good pet and gentle with the kids. 
He lived for 10 years.  Below are some pictures of TJ

Does he look familiar?   Below is our baby Einstein.  He is a Terrier/Toy poodle mix

Both dogs have and are bringing joy to our home. 

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Sister Susie said...

They surely look to be alike! I can see why Einstein is so important to you!

I have always trained my puppies to sleep on a pillow next to me. They would always sleep sound until they needed to potty. They would start to move around and I would wake up at their movement, taking them outside to go to the bathroom! It's amazing how the time would get longer in between having to take them out! (Just like babies with their feeding schedules!)

As they got older, I trained them to a kennel. They will not go in that small of a place. Soon, they could go all night without having to go outside.

Einstein looks like Grace. Her mom was Lhasa Apsa (that's not spelled right) and her dad was poodle/terrier mix. Of course she got her mom's hair coat. I usually have to get her groomed every 6 weeks. Her nose and body shape is the poodle/terrier.

How old is Einstein? He surely is a cutie!
Love to you and yours, Susan