Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All about my baby Einstein

Oh my goodness it is so different having a dog back in the house again. He is such a baby boy and a lap dog just like I wanted. 

He crawls up on my lap and goes to sleep, Isn't he so sweet. He really is BUT yesterday Marvin and I left to go to breakfast for my Birthday, (He is a combination Christmas and Birthday gift for me) Any way will we were gone my sweet little Einstein did this. 

He shredded the mini blinds so I guess that was a birthday present to me too since we had to replace them.   We have now pulled the love seat out from the window and have the mini blinds pulled higher.  I am planning to shop for some drapes too. 

But isn't he cute?  He is modeling his new Duck t-shirt here. 

We rescued Einstein from a shelter that got him from a high kill shelter in California.  Those shelters only keep dogs and cats for a limited amount of time and then they are put down. 
His talents besides shredding mini blinds and tissues from the trash can in the bathroom are playing with the cats ball like a cat he has really good control.  He can stand on two legs really well too.  He has the cutest little whine and a loud bark for a little guy.  He is a Mama's boy and gets so excited when I have been gone.  He insists I drop everything and hold him. 

Now about the cats.  They still have not made friends.  Tiger stays out and creeps around but they are getting closer to a friendship.  Khloe is having a hard time and it is breaking my heart.  She is back to hiding in my closet.  She used to sleep with me but now Einstein does.  So it is going to take some time.  I do spend time with her each day. 

New Year blessings to you all!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Happy New Year Janet,
Baby Einstein is such a cutie, and they are fun while you are getting them trained.......thank goodness they are so cute, cause that helps a lot. You probably needed new blinds anyway, right?? lol

Our dog actually ate hubbies jury duty notice, not the whole thing, just the part where it tells you where to report to........had to call and ask where he should report and they got a good laugh off of that one! they said it was the best one they had ever heard......lol

Hope you have a great time with your new pup, oh yea, and Happy
Birthday as well, hope you have
a Wonderful day hon,
Blessings, Nellie

Sister Susie said...

What a sweet face Einstein has! I trained all my dogs from puppies to a crate. When I was gone, they were in their crate with their chew toys, squeakies, and "comforters." You can see Sam'a crate in his post.

However, as older dogs, I still have an ocassional problem with Dolly having separation anxiety. I have to make sure all paper things and books are put up out of reach. Just the other day, I came back to find my whole package of blank labels had been chewed up!!! I salvaged a few, but not many! When I get home now, I have her go around with me as I check out her "activities." When I find she's been good, I praise her and give her a treat! When I find something she has done wrong, I make a big deal about it in a gruff voice. I guess that's where Jerry bird has learned to say, "bad, your bad!" Ha! She's been good lately.

Give Einstein a big hug for me. I like the picture of him sitting in your lap. Xena, 98 pounds, steps up on my chair and lays across the arm when I let her "sit" in my lap. Dolly, 62 pounds, slowly climbs up and sits on me for a few minutes while I hug and scratch all over her. Grace is Einstein's weight, so she sits, but wants to lick, so off she goes, lol.

Sarah cat likes to sit in my lap as does Cody. He has just recently began to do so. Katy does every now and then.

Of the birds, Jerry likes me to hold him and let him sit on my shoulder. He likes to talk in my ear, ha!

The love of our animals is so great, we can't be angry for long when they do something wrong!
Love to you and yours, Susan