Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cowan family Reunion

First of all I failed to thank Jennifer, Matt, Emma and Logan for boarding all of us and then to top it off they hosted Marvin’s side family reunion. So a Great big Thank you !

There were a total of 28 people there and some were not able to make it. We had yummy food and Lorene's Rhubarb/Strawberry pies. It was a rather warm day so most of the time was spent in the house. The kids all played inside and went outside when the big water slide was set up.
Holly and her Aunt Lorene (Marvin's sister)

Me, Jennifer and cousin Lisa

3rd cousins playing in Logan's room Morgan, Colby Joshua and Jaxson

Kayla and Morgan staying away from the younger ones in Emma's room
Lisa's husband Chris and son Christopher
Lorene, Holly, Marvin and Larry

Marvin visiting with his niece Lisa (his sister Lorene's daughter)Lisa also is married to Chris and has two sons Christopher and Joshua

 Visiting and eating

Lorene visiting with her nephew Byran (Kay's so
trying to find a place to sit cousins Joshua and Colby find a seat on the floor
 Marvin and his nephew Bryan visit (Bryan is Marvin's sister Kay's son)
 Jaxson (Bryan and Christina's son) playing in Logan's room
Christopher, Logan and Morgan all playing X Box

Marvin and his sister Lorene

 Jeremy (my son) and Uncle Larry
 Jennifer (my daughter) and her Aunt Lorene
 Christina and Bryan parents of Colby and Jaxson
Gaylene (Marvin's sisters Kay daughters and her miracle baby Jordan)

Lorene and Kay (sisters) Kay husband Mike and my Holly
 Lorene shows off all her crafts to us all.  In a later post I will show you something that I bought from her.  Her knitting and Handiwork is amazing. 
 Bryan, Kay and Mike

Grandma Kay and Jordan

The last pictures are of the water slides that all the kids and Matt enjoyed.  There also are some pictures of tug a war and some braving the hot weather sitting outside. 

This tug a war looks fair to me Jeremy on one side with Logan Papa and Emma on the other. 

What a great time we had that day.  We only had one day but we made the most of it.  We are so blessed to have so much family. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Our first day in Kansas

We were overjoyed when we arrived in Kansas.  Our daughter Jennifer and grandson Logan were there to greet us at the gate.  Jennifer and our son Jeremy took all the kids in Jennifer's car and headed home and the rest of us headed to the rental car place.  It was so hot that day!  Ricky set his GPS and it took us the back way through all the curvy roads.  We pulled up to the house in time for me,  and Kayla to go pick up Emma from School.  Oh so many hugs and smiling faces.

How great it was to have our whole family (all 12 of us under one roof) All three of our kids were together with their families.  A mothers dream...was a reality.
Marvin and I are so blessed. 
Logan found Uncle Ricky to be handy right away to help him with his shoe
Jeremy took charge of the grill ( Matt was still working)
Matt finally got home and was happy to see all the family that filled his house from corner to corner
The four grand kids were patiently awaiting supper (we call it dinner)
Marvin and I had our own private suite (the camper)  the camper was just perfect for us. 
Here the girls are in their matching nightgowns that Nana and Papa bought for them.
While the older kids stayed up, visited and took some random pictures with my camera
They said a toast to mom and dad while we got all cozy in the camper
I guessed we missed Holly's speech (you can tell how her audience was really being entertained.)
and then Holly hurt her toe I think they headed to bed. 
Next post the Cowan reunion


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Emma

Today our Granddaughter Emma is 8 years old.  We were so blessed to get to spend time with her a few weeks ago in Kansas. 

Emma loved to ride the horse at the farm we visited while we were there.

Just look at that smile. 
Here Emma is going off the diving board
Cousins swimming in the 100 degree weather in Kansas Morgan Kayla, Emma and Logan
We were so lucky to be able to eat lunch with Emma when we were there. 
Emma is such a sweet little girl that is growing up fast. 
Here she is reading a book to Kayla and Aunt Holly
Emma was the Bingo caller for Aunt Sara, daddy Matt, Aunt Holly, Nana and Papa
Here is Emma with her mommy our daughter Jennifer.
Here is Emma and her brother Logan and Mommy and Daddy.   
Happy Birthday Emma we love you!