Saturday, January 28, 2012

More than a gift from a friend

I have really been have a hard time dealing with the loss of my dog Max.  A dear blogging friend Susan sent Marvin and I wonderful gift. 

This DVD called Animals in Heaven is wonderful.  It a a commentary by Dr. Jack & Rexalla Van Impe.  It was so comforting to hear scriptures quoted and what 12 other famous Christan theologians taught on the subject.  There is no doubt in my mind that I will see Max once again in heaven.

Thank you Susan for a most precious gift and also for your own comforting words and prayers during my loss.  I know God brought Susan into my life for a reason and I have already seen him reveal his plan to have Susan help me with my spiritual growth. 


Friday, January 20, 2012

The Perfect Storm

We love the Oregon coast and since we don't live far we like to take short vacations over there.  We were so excited.  We left last Tuesday morning with anticipation of the forecast of high winds and rain.  A perfect storm.  Before we left we experienced some valley snow so we headed out early and took it slow through some slick roads.  We were able to check into our condo early.  Right away something was not right.  When we opened the door to go in dust and fumes were apparent. My allergies kicked in full gear and I started to wheeze and could not get my breath.  What a scary time but I was able to breathe if I stepped outside.    We moved to another condo and settled into a night of heavy winds and stormy seas.    At that point we didn't know that this is what our vacation was going to be all about. 
This picture is from our room. 
Such a beautiful place.  We sat and watched the magnificent seas.  We read our books and took some naps.    We enjoyed the fire and each others company.  Thursday afternoon we started to hear a lot of pounding.  I told Marvin I tasted dust and ran to get my antihistamine and decongestant.  Then we heard a sander and knew that the construction was close.  We called the front desk and they confirmed that the crew was working right next door to us.  They did not have any other rooms open.  On Friday morning I woke up with gritty red eyes and a severe headache.  We decided it would be best to cut our vacation short and come home.    The problem was trying to find a way home.  There were road closures from flooded roads to sinkholes and erosion.  We had to go out of our way and go North to get back south but we are home safely. 

Even though this vacation was a full of disappointments and health concerns we were able to see God's glory in the beautiful Pacific ocean and see his almighty power of the winds and the rain.  We felt safe in arms. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dads birthday!  I haven't seen him in a few years so I am sharing pictures from 2008 & 2009.  We will be making a trip back to Nebraska this summer so I am excited about that.
This picture is dad, mom and my brothers David, Danny, and sister Joyce.  My sister Joan is not pictured.
Dad loves to play cards and when the family is together there is a lot of card playing
Marvin also loves to play cards
This picture is at the lake.  My parents had a cabin.  We always went out in Pontoon.  The kids always were swimming, paddle boating and tubing too.  My parents had to sell the cabin a few years ago due to the constant flooding.  Thank you dad for all the great memories at the lake.
This picture was here in Oregon at Holly and Ricky's before there wedding in 2008.  Playing pool is another activity that dad loves. 
But I saved the best for last.  Dad loves babies and children.  You can always catch him holding one.  He is pictured here with his great grandson Logan in 2008.  Logan is my grandson. 

Love you dad
   see you in a few months.

PS    Marvin says Happy Birthday too

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saying goodbye to Max our dog

Yesterday was a very difficult day as we had to put our 14 year old dog Max down.   He had been failing over the last year and he had lost bladder control and was experiencing some dementia and breathing problems.  Marvin and I both went in with him to hold him while he took his final breaths.  It was fast and peaceful.  There were alot of tears shed .  I have been having a really hard time.

Max came into our family 14 years ago as a small furry ball when our son Jeremy and Marvin went to just look at these pure breeds.  Jeremy shelled out the cash and came home with this adorable puppy..
Yes it was definitely love at first site.
but he was Jeremy's dog in the beginning.   He slept with him and Jeremy took care of him.
Max always thought he should be in all the family pictures.  Of course he was a big part of the family. 
At the time we had 3 cats Misty, Miles and my baby kitty McKenzie.  Max loved them all.  All of our pets here have gone on to be with Jesus. 
Max even got to be in Jeremy's senior pictures. 
and then Kayla came along.  I am actually holding her with Max in the chair with me.  Although Max adored Kayla we could not take the chance that he would bite her.
but that still not stop her for loving him. 
Max loved Kayla so much
Max really never did like the snow but he always went out for a few minutes.
Max always wanted to be around me when Jeremy and his family went home.  I was his mommy

But he loved us all
Max gave us a lot of good memories in the 14 years that we had him.  Rest in Peace Max  I know one day we will see you again in Heaven. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An after Christmas Blessing

After Christmas we received a very special delivery from our Georgia family
It was the sweetest gift and made us cry and then laugh
This book is a recordable book.  7 year Emma read the whole book.  We were not prepared for  4 year old Logan's part but he had us laughing so hard.  At the end of each page he said "turn the page papa"

Thank you to our daughter Jennifer and son in law Matt for thinking of a great gift that we will always treasure.  And thank you Emma and Logan for all your hard work.  We love and miss you!
Nana & Papa 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas, My Birthday and the New Year

Happy New Year!  I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year.  Yesterday I celebrated another birthday.  The years seem to be flying by fast.  I enjoyed all the calls from my family.   My grand kids in Georgia and in Portland both called and sang me Happy Birthday which made my day.  I was so lazy yesterday.  Marvin went and picked up lunch to go at the Olive Garden because I didn't want to get out. It was yummy.  BUT the diet is beginning this week. 

We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve Day. They all arrived the night before so we had a houseful.     We missed our Georgia kids and grand kids but we were able to talk to them. 

Holly and Ricky enjoying a Dutch Brothers coffee in anticipation of the gift opening
Morgan opening her book.  We got all 4 grand kids this cute book that they can write inside all about them.  It is adorable.  It asks questions.  A great keepsake. 

Kayla modeling her tangled Rapunzel wig. 

Jeremy, Sara, Kayla and Morgan scratching their lottery scratch offs. 
Marvin is happy opening a new game with camaros.
and me getting so hugs. 
Later we enjoyed a good lunch of Ham, Cheesy potatoes, green beans and bacon, pistachio salad, and dinner rolls.

We played a few games and then Jeremy and his family left.  We played some cards and then we headed off to Christmas Eve service and to look at Christmas lights.

It was such a wonderful day that we were able to spend with the family.  We are so blessed. 

Next post will be on the gifts arriving from Georgia.