Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Christmas

We were able to celebrate Christmas Eve day with our daughter Holly and Son-in law Ricky.  Ricky made a great prime rib on the trager and we enjoyed playing cards.  Our new baby Einstein got along well with Shane and Sheila (their dogs) 
We soon headed over to our son Jeremy, daughter in law Sara and Kayla and Morgan (our grands)
It was quite apparent when we walked in that our Einstein and their large puppy beagle Maggie were not going to get along.  But that did not stop us for having a good time. 
We all headed to bed and waited until I heard such a clatter at 4 in the morning.  It was Sara and Maggie tumbling down the stairs.  Thank goodness no one was hurt. 
This was their beautiful tree from upstairs.  You could see that Santa had come with a bike for each of the girls.  Marvin is in the picture too but I am not sure what he was doing. 

Soon it was time for Aunt Holly and Uncle Ricky to arrive so we could all open presents. 
Jeremy and Holly 
Jeremy and Morgan showing a gift Aunt Holly made with her name
 Kayla loved her new book
Nana and Papa mugs from Emma and Logan (our other two grands in Kansas)
and Kayla and Morgan made us Garden stones with their hand prints
Jeremy and Sara with new Oregon Duck shirts
Sara and Morgan showing their new popcorn popper
Here I model my my infinity scarf from Holly and Ricky and Marvin opens his gift of a water bottle, and other things for his exercise routine he will be starting next week
Holly looking a box full of gifts while reading about her candy cane bubble bath
Ricky very happy about his Juicing Bible
Jeremy, Sara and Morgan looking at their gift card to so they can help a family with a loan in another country.  We actually got all our kids and my parents one. 
Having fun skyping with our Kansas family our daughter Jennifer, son-in-law Matt and grands Logan and Emma.  We got to watch them open some of the gifts we sent them.
This was a wonderful hand made gift that took Matt and Jennifer a lot of time.  We love it. 
We had a wonderful time and there another post to follow. 


Sister Susie said...

It is just great to have such wonderful times with our families! Memory makers that will never be forgotten!! I really like the idea of the handprint garden stones! Maybe next time they can do footprints, ha!!

Einstein and his "cousin" will learn to get along. I still have to get after my Dolly sometimes with the kittens. She wants to chase them or lick all over their heads, lol!

Have a wonderful New Year! Love to you and yours, Susan

Linda Primmer said...

Hi Janet. your family is adorable it looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Handprint garden stones are a lovely idea. Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year from your newest follower, Linda