Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Joyce

Today is my sister Joyce's birthday.  She is only 12 months older than I am.  So she is my big sister.  I was able to spend time with her a few months back when we were back on vacation.   She is more than my sister she is my friend and I am so happy God made us sisters.  We are both made from the same fabric. 
We have enjoyed taking vacations together and I can't wait to take another cruise with her.  We get to laughing and can't stop. 
When we were on one of our cruises or somewhere  and Joyce was looking at me and she said we really look alike we both have the same color eyes and our ears look the same.  My hair is a little darker (like our mom) but you can tell we are sisters.  Of course Joyce was always the Princess and I was the naughty one.  (I just verified that with mom) but mom did say Joyce was naughty sometimes too.  LOL

Happy Birthday Joyce!
I love you

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