Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun for everyone at the Farm

When we were in Kansas in August we went to a little farm called Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead that is in Overland Park. 
The kids were anxiously awaiting for to go in. 
First we headed to buy some food for the fish

The grands were so cute and excited to feed the fish and see the ducks

and Kayla all enjoyed a ride on the horse

and then we headed to feed the goats

I was laughing so hard because the goats were eating clothes too.  This was my favorite part of the farm
Next we headed to a tee pee

 Morgan was crushing corn

and then off to pan for gold

and to the hayride

there was also a cute little playground called Morgans playground so we had Morgan take a picture under the sign

and finally we went over to pet a big goat
 this goat was begging to be petted
so after everyone stepped away I leaned in and had my picture taken.  Right after Marvin snapped my picture this goat head butted me and I went flying.  I caught myself and was laughing so hard! 

We had such a great day with grandkids and kids that day! 


NanaNor's said...

Dear Janet, I love this farm. What a wonderful place to take the grands. I didn't realize you also had a Logan-of course our is only 6 weeks old. Loved seeing your grands riding. I'm thankful that you didn't get hurt from the head butt. Have a delightful day!

Sister Susie said...

This reminds me when our Kindergartners went on our fieldtrip to the farm. It was always my favorite fieldtrip!

The teepee looks like Disney's Teke room without the birds, ha!

It is so wonderful to have such fun together. Thank you for sharing!
Love to you all, Susan.