Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Emma

Today our Granddaughter Emma is 8 years old.  We were so blessed to get to spend time with her a few weeks ago in Kansas. 

Emma loved to ride the horse at the farm we visited while we were there.

Just look at that smile. 
Here Emma is going off the diving board
Cousins swimming in the 100 degree weather in Kansas Morgan Kayla, Emma and Logan
We were so lucky to be able to eat lunch with Emma when we were there. 
Emma is such a sweet little girl that is growing up fast. 
Here she is reading a book to Kayla and Aunt Holly
Emma was the Bingo caller for Aunt Sara, daddy Matt, Aunt Holly, Nana and Papa
Here is Emma with her mommy our daughter Jennifer.
Here is Emma and her brother Logan and Mommy and Daddy.   
Happy Birthday Emma we love you!  

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Sister Susie said...

Tell Emma Happy Birthday for me. She surely is growing from the previouse pictures I have seen on your blog! I especially like the picture of Emma riding on the horse!
Love to you and yours, Susan