Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our vacation

What a fun vacation we had.  It started at 3am on Friday August 10th.  Our son Jeremy, his wife Sara and granddaughters Kayla and Morgan along with our daughter Holly and her husband Ricky and of course Marvin and I were up and ready to head to the airport.    I guess poor Morgan age 5 (almost 6) had separation anxiety with her backpack going through the security camera.  Other than that I was stopped because they thought I had a knee brace on but it was only my jeans that were bunched up in that area.  We all met at the airport and then of course we waited and waited for boarding.  Kayla and Morgan had not flown for about 4 years so they really could not remember. 
Kayla Morgan and Sara waiting
Marvin and Jeremy waiting
Holly and Ricky waiting and enjoying some breakfast
we are on the plane, Morgan gets the window seat and she is so excited and wide AWAKE
and here is Kayla in Papa's window seat....Papa had to sit in the middle and Nana got the aisle.
That was just the beginning.  Next post is visiting Jennifer, Matt, Emma, and Logan in Kansas in their new home.  (They had just moved a few weeks before we arrived)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back from vacation

We are back from our vacation to Kansas and Nebraska.  I have so many pictures and stories to share but first I wanted to wish my daughter Jennifer and her husband Matt a Happy Belated 10th wedding Anniversary last Thursday August 16th

Our Grand daughter Morgan a Happy Belated 6th birthday