Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bonneville Dam

Last weekend when we were in Portland we also went to visit Bonneville Dam.  They had a nice area where you could view fish and the fish ladder along with exhibits. 
We had to take this elevator down the the underwater viewing.  I am not fond of elevators.  With 6 adults and our two granddaughters the elevator was full.   Jeremy and Holly (my grown kids) said everyone jump as we are going down and they did.....  Of course that made me more nervous. 
This was one of the windows.  I can't remember what this sucker fish is called.

We stepped outside to see the fish ladder.  It was really cool but we did not see any fish in the moving water.
Although I did get a picture of one fish at the top of the ladder.

There was this cute little playhouse for the kids. 

I actually went inside with Morgan and we had a pretend snack. 
Jeremy and Sara were taking a moment to themselves. 
Aunt Holly was twirling Kayla here

So that is about it.  We had a fun spending time with our family. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Multnomah Falls

We spent a nice weekend with the family yesterday and went to Multnomah Falls. 
As you can see the falls are gorgeous,  We climbed up past the bridge above us. 
Jeremy, Sara, Kayla and Morgan
Holly and Ricky.
On the path climbing higher with Kayla and Morgan
This is the lower falls, I was standing on the bridge looking down. 
In this picture you could feel the mist of the falls and it got kind of slick. 
After the climb we had ice cream cones.  It was just starting to warm up so it was yummy. 
On the way back to the car and thanking God for my family and HIS beautiful creations.