Thursday, June 21, 2012

A great Fathers Day weekend

We headed up North  last Saturday so we see our son Jeremy and daughter in law Sara's new house and spend the weekend with them.  We had a great time.  Our grandaughters Kayla and Morgan gave us a tour.  A little later our daughter Holly and our granddogs Shane and Sheila arrived. 
We arrived in time for Papa to make his famous Goulash that the girls just can't get enough of.  Five year old Morgan said the cutest prayer before we ate.  "Jesus, I love you, thank you for this food. Jesus this is GOULASH, I love you.  Amen"  We loved that .

After lunch while others were out back I was in the house and I heard screaming and ran out back and this is why
 They had got the sprinkler out and Jeremy was hold Kayla over the sprinkler.
Before long we all took a shot

Papas turn
I love this picture of Holly that I captured
why not 

 It felt good on the warm sunny afternoon and we were laughing so hard

Morgan was smart and went and got on her swimsuit first.

After swimming some tested the new ladder out
Jeremy was first.  We had some bad looking clouds overhead.  Luckily they just passed without producing any storms. 
Then it was Sara's turn, not quite as high as Jeremy
Kayla went right up
and Morgan would have went all the way to the top if Jeremy would have let her

The kids including Holly enjoyed the play set left by the previous owners 
Below Jermey and Sara are just chilling out.  Not really chilling because it was warm. 
Kayla loves to read and that what she did most of the day.
and Holly was caught doing homework while enjoying the sunshine
There was time for a game of Monopoly while Papa was watching Tiger Woods
This post is getting to long to I will continue in the next few days on the rest of our events including a facetime call from Georgia (our daughter Jennifer) and a hike up a Mountain.

Blessings to all


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Well, looks like Marvin had a fun
Father's Day and you just go to tag along too, isn't that great??
There is nothing like family time.

That prayer was so adorable. so cool they like grampa's goulash, and I am sure Marvin loves that. My dad would always make fried shrimp for me when we came to visit as he knew that was one of my favorites when I was a kid, and my dad loved
doing it, as I do with my kids.

Look forward to hearing the rest of the story........

Love and Blessings Hon,

Sister Susie said...

Looks like you had a very active visit, lol! I would probably have only made the first step on the ladder, if that, ha! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your visit! Love to you and yours, Susan