Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update on Emma, SNOW...Family time

Our Granddaughter Emma has completed  30 days alternating patches on her eyes.   I am pleased to say that it has strengthened her eyes and appears to have corrected them.  We are so anxious to see Emma this summer and praise God that her eyes are strengthened .   The picture below she is pictured with her mommy our daughter Jennifer.

Last Wednesday we had more snow, 6 inches in fact.  It closed the town down.  I was able to work from home and Marvin worked a few hours until the mill lost electricity and he was sent home.  This is unusual for the valley floor and in fact we broke a record. 
Last weekend our son Jeremy and his family came down.  Jeremy and his dad installed a new hot water heater.  We were blessed with nice weather about 60 degrees. 
While they were working hard Kayla, Morgan, Sara and I went out to spend some time in backyard and enjoy the sun. 

Morgan was just chilling out until she found a lady bug

Kayla was enjoying the sun and then found a flower and played "he loves me he loves me not"
The result was he loves her......
and then there was time for Papa to play a game with the girls

Have a great week!
Blessings & Love


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
So good to hear from you, in fact,
I was thinking about you this morning and wondering if all was okay, and thinking maybe I should email her!!

Well, the Lord answered my question. lol

Looks like you had a fun time with your family last weekend too. So happy to hear about your grandaughters eyes. God is so good, that is wonderful news, and I know yall are all beside yourself with joy.

Can't believe yall had all that snow this late in the season. Course, it is in the high 80's here, so really hard to imagine,
hope that is the last of it for yall. Course, not so bad getting to stay home or come home early, I bet!! lol

Well, gotta run sweetie, but great to hear from you as always and glad all is well...........

Love and Blessings, Nellie

grammy said...

How crazy to have a snow like that...there... now here... I expect it to come unannounced. After the tulips come up (o: Glad you have seen improvement in her eyes (o: The kids are growing fast.

Sister Susie said...

Praise the LORD for His blessings on Emma. GOD is so Good.

We are to get up to 90 degrees tomorrow! Hey, what happen to Spring?!

Jim came and fixed some things in my house. I'm so blessed to have a great brother and sister-in-law!

Love to you and yours, Susan