Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Joy of being a Grandparent

Yesterday Marvin and I drove up a couple of hours from home to spend Grandparents day with our 5 year old granddaughter Morgan at pre-school.  She is pictured below in blue with the great big smile.

After they sang us a few songs Morgan showed us her classroom.  She is standing under a swirly that she made and is so proud of.

Then it was story time for the kids. 

 We moved into a large room so we could work on the activity together.  Here Morgan and I are busy cutting and pasting.  My son Jeremy is standing to the left watching.

The picture below shows Papa Marvin, Morgan, Morgans sister Kayla and our daughter in law Sara's grandparents that were there to enjoy their great grand daughter
Below the kids were dancing in the aisles of the Church during "Chapel".  The youth director from the church plays his guitars and sang while we all were dancing and doing motions from the song.  We had a lot of fun

There was a puppet show that was entertaining. 

You can tell that Morgan was enjoying the show while she was sitting with her great grandpa Bob

It was a beautiful day outside so I snapped a picture of the girls on the way out.

What a blessed time we spent with our grand kids and family.  I feel like the luckiest grandmother alive.  



Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Wow, looks like a super fun day.
I remember those wonderful outings as a Mom, and always considered them as just the most precious events, as I know you do too. Morgan is such a lil cutie, and you can tell she is proud as punch and having the time of her life with all the attention from her loving grandparents.
Love the pic of you and Morgan working together, so cute.....

Thanks for coming by and for your precious comments, they blessed my heart.

Sounds like you are learning some great things in your bible study.
I love anything Charles Stanley does, he is rock solid! One of my fav books he did is "How to listen to God", it is great........
Have you ever heard his son, Andy
Stanley, he is amazing too. Love watching him as well.

Hope you have a lovely weekend hon,
We are so excited to see the house tonight and will tell you about it next week I guess. They are closing at 3p.m. today, please pray they finish the roof before closing. The roofers have been working but have had trouble cause
it has been so windy.

always great to hear from you.

Love and Blessings,

Sister Susie said...

What a wonderful time! It's always great anytime you can wpend time with family! I'm so glad Morgan had a great time with you too! Love to you and yours, Susan

grammy said...

Looks like a great visit (o:
My hubbie and I use to have a puppet group at church....many years ago (o:

RJ said...

Cute Photos ...

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