Saturday, February 18, 2012

A room in progress to relax in

My room used to be Hollys bedroom when she lived at home.  After she moved out we still left the color on walls a dark lavender color.  We put a large computer desk in it, 2 larges bookshelves, a lot toys for the grand kids and Max's bed.  I looked through a lot of pictures and this is the only one I could find of the room before
On one shelf I had my collections of books, cookbooks and then on the other shelf was for kids books, games and toys.  There was a highchair, the big computer desk, printer and computer.  Also we had a couple of totes of toys, a small table and chairs for the kids and Max's bed and food.  So this room held so much. 
Once Max passed I decided to remake this room for a reading/craft room for me.  So it all started with this beautiful futon that my daughter Holly gave me..

Marvin painted the room butter yellow. 

I found a beautiful desk

I headed to the antique store and found a shabby chic night stand and a lamp
I found this pretty red stand that opens with shelves
I found this beautiful chair and a small quilt on the futon along with a white cover for the futon.

So the room is not finished by far but this is just a small glimpse of it   It is my work in progress.

Have a great week!


Sister Susie said...

What a beautiful room of comfort for you! I need to get my reading room in order! It has become a storage room of sorts. Everything I want to wait about making decisions about is placed in it. The only problem, I forget what's in there until I go to "dump" something else in it, ha!
Take care,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Looks like your new room is coming right along. Can't wait to see the finished project, I like all the elements you have chosen so far, so
should be very pretty. Course, these projects do take time, don't they?
I love yellow too, and that is such a pretty shade, warm and cheery!
Hope this finds you well and happy.
Are you feeling much better and is all your dental stuff over with??
Sure hope so...........
Love and Blessings to you hon,

ღ soraya ღ said...

nice cozy home..i just love home and family..God bless you friend..thanks for sharing..

grammy said...

Love it.
I just hung a picture today...
it is one small thing at a time. For some reason that picture took for ever... made me want to just stop for I did (o:
Love that room you are working on (o: