Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our granddaughter Emma and Grandson Logan

Our granddaughter Emma had eye surgery back in December to correct her lazy eyes.  When our daughter Jennifer took her back for a checkup it appears that the surgery may have been a failure.  They knew that this surgery does not work sometimes.  For the next 30 days Emma has to wear a patch over one eye alternating it each day. 
This picture is the first day that she started and she was so excited 
This is a picture taken today and she is still smiling.  She is holding up an artichoke.  We are praying that the patch helps her eyes.

I just had to post a picture of our grandson Logan too with his artichoke. 
We really miss these two kids.  We are anxiously awaiting to see them in July or August. 

PS:   I am final not experiencing any pain from my dental surgery, thanks for all the prayers. 

Have a good week!


grammy said...

well it is good she likes to wear them...hope it works for her.
Cute kiddos...cute pictures (o:
glad your pain is gone (o:

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Sorry to hear Emma's eye surgery didn't do the job. So glad she is excited about wearing the patch,
that is a blessing for sure.
and eating artichoke, now these are gourmet kids...........lol

They are both so adorable, and know it must be awful hard to be so far away. Will they be coming to see you this summer or will you be going to see them, maybe both???

Glad to hear your dental pain is over, bless your heart, that is certainly no fun.
Well hon, good as always to hear from you, and I will sure keep Emma's eye situation in my prayers.

Just in case you don't hear from her tonight pray for Susan and her doggie Sam, don't know what the trouble is, but he was sick all night last night, and she was up with him all night, and took him in to the vet and they kept him overnight, guess we will know something tomorrow hopefully. He is about 14-16 yrs. old, so hope this doesn't mean she is gonna lose him, course, she has had more time with him than she thought she was, so that is good.
Take care,
love and Blessings, Nellie

Sister Susie said...

Hi, Janet.
I'm praying for Emma and that our Awesome GOD will correct her surgery by her using the eye patch.

Kids eating artichokes? Wow, most don't want to think about it, ha!

I'm so thankful your dental pain is no more!

Praise our LORD. Sam is doing well again (resting since he had none for about 30 hours! Me neither!) I put a new blog on him. Thank you, Janet for praying for him (you too, Nellie!)

I know you can hardly wait to see your two sweethears this summer. I've always noticed how slow the time in waiting is, but how fast it goes when it gets here!
Love to you and yours,

Sister Susie said...

Thanks for coming by my blog of blue skies! I surely enjoy hearing from you. GOD bless you and yours, Susan.