Friday, January 20, 2012

The Perfect Storm

We love the Oregon coast and since we don't live far we like to take short vacations over there.  We were so excited.  We left last Tuesday morning with anticipation of the forecast of high winds and rain.  A perfect storm.  Before we left we experienced some valley snow so we headed out early and took it slow through some slick roads.  We were able to check into our condo early.  Right away something was not right.  When we opened the door to go in dust and fumes were apparent. My allergies kicked in full gear and I started to wheeze and could not get my breath.  What a scary time but I was able to breathe if I stepped outside.    We moved to another condo and settled into a night of heavy winds and stormy seas.    At that point we didn't know that this is what our vacation was going to be all about. 
This picture is from our room. 
Such a beautiful place.  We sat and watched the magnificent seas.  We read our books and took some naps.    We enjoyed the fire and each others company.  Thursday afternoon we started to hear a lot of pounding.  I told Marvin I tasted dust and ran to get my antihistamine and decongestant.  Then we heard a sander and knew that the construction was close.  We called the front desk and they confirmed that the crew was working right next door to us.  They did not have any other rooms open.  On Friday morning I woke up with gritty red eyes and a severe headache.  We decided it would be best to cut our vacation short and come home.    The problem was trying to find a way home.  There were road closures from flooded roads to sinkholes and erosion.  We had to go out of our way and go North to get back south but we are home safely. 

Even though this vacation was a full of disappointments and health concerns we were able to see God's glory in the beautiful Pacific ocean and see his almighty power of the winds and the rain.  We felt safe in arms. 


Linda said...

Wow Janet...that is too bad that you had allergy issues and construction next door etc....but it is nice that you did have a pretty room and a view of the ocean. Yes, the ocean always reminds me of God's awesome power! And I know that during a storm it would be even more apparent!

Hope your allergies are all better now that you are home. Glad you made it safely!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
So glad you made it home safe and sound but sorry you had to cut your time short. What a beautiful condo and wonderful view of the pacific ocean. The ocean just makes me in awe of the Lord and his creativity, always love all the patterns in the sand, and the power of the waves, he just explodes his awesome power there
but especially in times with storms.
Hope you are feeling much better now, and hope all the time together, reading and resting was
exactly what you needed. Who knows what the Lord might have been protecting you from because you had to go home early. I always think of an email I rec'd about things that saved the lives of folks during the 911 attacks.
Simple ordinary things, like stopping to get a bandaid because this guy was getting a blister from new shoes, one had to stop to get donuts for the office cause it was her turn, another took his daughter to her first day of kindergarten,
and one missed his bus, so you just never know...........
but thankfully, HE DOES!

We are very thankful we didn't get a full blown case of flu, just a touch.........we were at Dee's last night and while we were there she started getting bad stomach cramps and feeling queasy, so think she is getting it too, will have to call in a bit and see how she is feeling.
So glad you and Susan can leave comments again, and I think there were others having difficulties too.
Well, have a lovely weekend hon,
Love and Blessings, Nellie

Oh that was a sweet post on you dad, and Happy birthday to him as well. Nice yall are going to see
your parents this summer, I am sure they are thrilled. Do you have other brothers and sisters that live near them???

Sister Susie said...

Isn't that just so scarry when you can't breathe! I get that very quickly if I'm around any kind of smoke (especially cigarette.) Sometimes we have fires in the area, or even when it's cold and people have had their fire places going. When I walk outside, I start hyperventalating right away!

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the view the beauty of the ocean's storm! I have always loved rainy, windy days (when I can stay inside, ha!)

I hope you are feeling better now. May I save your ocean picture to my picture files?

Love to you and yours,

grammy said...

I think they should have refunded your fee...
that is terrible to go through. Guess you will remember that for a long time. I think it would be great to look out over the stormy ocean (o: