Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Holly

Today is our daughter Holly's 28th birthday (she is our baby).  We are so proud of her.  Look at this sweet little Holly.   She was probably about 4.   She always had a smile and was very sweet.  A mama's girl. 
This is Holly and her husband Ricky today
She is still beautiful with her sparkling blue eyes and has a big heart.
 Yesterday she got an early birthday present that she was accepted to the Masters Program.   Holly loves the Ducks football team especially since she graduated from the U of O.  She has even got me loving the Ducks.  God blessed me and Marvin when he sent us Holly. 

Happy Birthday Holly!
We love you!
Mom and Dad


Sister Susie said...

Holly's smile is just has beautiful as when she was 4 years old! Happy Birthday, Holly!

Go Ducks!

Love to you and yours,

grammy said...

She is beautiful. Happy BD and congrats on her being excepted (o:

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Happy birthday to your sweet Holly,
she is a beautiful young lady,
and congrats on her getting into the Masters program as well. How wonderful!
I know you are very proud of her.

So how are you my friend, have sure missed you.........but hope you are getting some rest and getting caught up on things.
Love and Blessings, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Thanks for stopping was so great to hear from you, and you sound good too! More rested and relaxed. So the break is doing you good, I can tell.
At least you are working on cards,
I have sent a few back to those who have sent them to us, and of course,
bought some for the family. I used to do a Christmas letter but haven't for a few years now, cause I just started sending Christmas ecards from Dayspring to simplify.

I do love to get them when people
send a letter or at least write about what is going on in their life, but sometime it is just signed and altho nice, it leaves me wondering how they are doing.....
Course, I have found that there seems to be 2 camps of people, either they love the letters or they hate them and call them brag sheets! Sad, I think.............

Well, guess if it is cold it really feels like christmas at your house,
we have had some cool snaps, and it is pleasant at night most of the time, but the days are mostly in the 70's sometimes going to 80, but
not complaining, it is still quite nice. I would love a lil colder weather for Christmas, but the usual is you put on long sleeves and by noon you are dying and have to put on something short sleeved. lol
Glad to hear you are coming back to blogging after the first of the year, I have missed you as well.
I have only been doing Thankful
Thursday for the most part, this week I am hoping to maybe post on
some Christmas decorations, some want to see my white livingroom.
I have to say I have had fun with it, and I have lots of decorations leftover since I am not decorating that room the way I usually do, and I have been able to use some of the things I typically use in there in the family and dinng room, so that has been fun too.

Well, my dear you have a great weekend and Christmas Season.

If you think of me say a lil prayer, I threw my back out yesterday. Just went to sit down and let our a yelp. Amazing how it seems you do nothing out of the ordinary and then you can hardly move! lol
Have pretty much finished the decorating inside, thank the Lord,
just a few tweaks here and there
left to do, then on to wrapping, and think we are gonna do the outside today, and then go to our
Christmas Musical tonight, so looking forward to it.

Take Care Sweetie, and like I said great to hear from you. Tell Marvin I said Merry Christmas to him too, as well as the rest of your lovely family,
Love and Special Christmas Blessings, Nellie