Sunday, October 16, 2011

Woman of Faith

My daughter Holly and I attended the Women of Faith conference last weekend in Portland.   We sat with some women from our Church group.   I loved it.  I cried, laughed, clapped, sang, dance, lifted my hand in praise, hugged my daughter and had one of the best times in my life.  Since this was my first time to one I didn’t know what to expect.  We did not go to the Friday sessions but now I wish that I would have. 
Sorry for the picture of my gum but this is the only one we had with the stage in back of us. 

Like my daughter Jennifer said some people think it is like a big bible study and another friend thought it was like having a sermon.  It is not either.  It is life experiences shared by authors and celebrities.  It was so awesome.  It was also filled with music that made me cry. 

Lisa Whelchel from the 80’s sitcom “Facts of Life “Blair” spoke about friendship and wanting so desperately have a best friend.  She spoke of the importance of friends and got advice that if your friend is talking bad about someone than that is probably the way they talk about you.  She also learned how to break up a negative conversation by saying something positive about that person or changing the subject.  I just ordered her book "Friendship for Grownups"

Brenda Warner (wife of NFL player Curt Warner) spoke of her relationships and when she almost lost her 4 month old Zach when he was dropped in the bathtub while his dad (her first husband) was lifting him out of the tub.  He survived but is blind and brain damaged. He is such a joy in her life because he taught her how to live.  I have bought two of her books and have started to read one of them.

Pasty Clairmont had me rolling over laughing she was so funny,  She also walked us through her journey when her son had H1N1 and was in coma for 21 days.  She talked about how change is good.  I did not get a good picture of her.  I just bought her book "Stained Glass Hearts"
Marilyn Meberg had us laughing about her joys and heartaches.  She talked quietly and that is what made her storytelling about driving 120 mph so funny.

Sandi Patti-what can I say?  She has a voice of an angel and she had me crying because of her voice.  She also shared about her getting into the music business and how she had to wait on God’s timing

Seleh is a Christian music group.  This group of 3 each had a personal story Todd had lost his daughter Audrey the same day she was born.  They knew that she had problems before she was born
 Amy has the most powerful voice that brought me to tears.  She also shared stories about her current pregnancy and shared her ultrasound and some of the issues that go along with being pregnant.
Allan is a powerful musician and played showed us just how good he was.  I did not get a picture of them but I want to buy their CD.

Mandisa-she did not speak but just rocked the house.  I LOVE HER…… She was a former American Idol contestant. 
The Over the top worship team were also really good and entertained us.  I can't wait until next year to attend again. 

Have a Blessed Week!


Sister Susie said...

Isn't it fantastic!! The only problem is the time goes too quickly!!

Your picture was just great! The joy in your eyes is what stands out!! I didn't realize until you mentioned your gum. The only question is, what flavor was it, lol!

It's so assuring when you hear celebraties sharing their testimonies! I always love to hear Kirk Cameron's testimony. He was in "Fireproof." I know him more for the "Left Behind" movies.

Personal stories make us realize our own or that we are blessed to not have been put through what they experienced.

It's hard sometimes to not listen to the "negative," because some need to vent to get it out of their minds and they don't have anyone to do so. I try to listen and then relate stories to show they are not the only ones AND that the LORD has a blessing for them to "let it go."

The music is always so wonderful in the sound effects and surround sound that you hear! It goes right to your soul of worship!

Love to you and yours,

grammy said...

Looks great
I have been to many, but not in the last few years.
Sounds like you had a great time!!!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Looks like a very Wonderful time, and to get to experience it with your daughter, all the more wonderful.
Bet Lisa Whelchel's book is good,
cause sometimes people still act like they are in middle school or high school with their friends. Sad!!
Let me know how you like the book after you read it please.....cause if you like it I might just get it too.

So glad you had such a great time,
I just love to hear people give testimonies, cause I learn so much from that..........and it is just such a blessing to hear how God brings us thru things.

You have a Marvelous weekend sweetie,
Love and Blessings, Nellie