Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My experience at the Oregon Ducks Football game.

Last Thursday night I experienced my 2nd (like the first really) Oregon Duck Football game. I worked until 2 and got home in time to throw some food together for tailgating. Holly was already making some food.    Marvin got home and showered and we were out the door.  We parked a couple of miles away carrying our food to the tailgating party. (not my idea to walk)Marvin bypassed the tailgating and went right into the game.

Holly made an awesome salmon dip, pralines, and bacon wrapped olives cooked on the grill.I made some cheesy bread.There was turkey dogs, chips and then there were beverages and jello shots…..I don’t drink but I did have on jello shot.  There was enough vodka in there to make me feel it right away

After filling our tummies with some good food we headed into Autzen Stadium. It was not raining in fact the “showers” were taken out the forecast  .I was so excited when I saw LaMichael James.He is my favorite player because he is small and fast.. 

It started to shower so we our rain ponchos out.  They did not keep us dry.  Then it really started raining.  I had this guy with boots on step on my toe and the two kids in back of me kept hitting me on the head and I was SOAKING wet…..but I was still enjoying being compacted in with a lot of rowdy people that wanted to stand for the whole game.
  Oh there is more.  We were wearing earplugs because of the noise (you know those little yellow ones.)  I had such a problem with them staying in my ear so I took one out and rolled the whole thing really small and then stuck it in my ear.  OKAY first of all I am not a little kid but when I pushed it in it went way in my ear.  I was panicking because I could feel it and it hurt.  I showed Marvin and he told me to leave it alone.  REALLY…I was ready to go to the Red Cross station so they could pull it out with a tweezers but, I put my patience on and waited about 2 minutes and then I started messing with it.  Finally I was able to pull it out.   SO enough with my problems.  LaMichael was doing great and we were winning when he went down with an injury.  He had dislocated his elbow which immediately put me in tears.  His mom went running down on the field and I wanted to go too.  But I had to sit there with all the other fans.  I was praying for him when they wheeled him out.  He is fine.  I am not sure if he will be back in this week.

The Duck was entertaining the crowd. He was down by the ESPN camera when Holly took this photo
It finally did stop raining.  Look at all the people.  What a great time it really was.  Thanks to our daughter Holly for the tickets and taking such great photos.   GO DUCKS!


Sandy said...
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Sister Susie said...

Wow! What a time you had! After you carried your food that far, did you have to carry your containers back to you car before you went into the stadium?

Those plastic ponchos are great. I remember having to use mine at Disney!

Go Ducks!

grammy said...

What a fun experience...
well except for the ear plug ordeal (o:
I am not that crazy about going to 'Games' that arn't my boys playing on a team. That is over...
anyway the family part makes those things worth it.

Sister Susie said...

Thanks for coming by today on my blog. I left you a message!
Love to you and all of yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
You looked so cute in that rain poncho. Cute pic of you and Marvin.
We had to use rain ponchos to move Dee last weekend too! but here in Florida they got very hot very quickly, so off they came.

Looks like yall had a great time,
don't kids get you the neatest gifts,
that you would never expect. so glad you had fun, and so good to hear from you hon. That was a lil
scary with the ear plugs I guess!!
Crazy that they did that.

Hope all is well with you in every other way. Dee called last night, so it is a done
deal as of yesterday around 4 p.m,
she is a married woman....never thought anyone would get her to the altar!! lol

Have a great week, and thanks for
stoppin by, always wonderful to hear from you sweetie.
Love ya, Nellie