Monday, October 31, 2011

Logan and Kayla's birthday

Since Logan birthday was on October 29th and Kayla's was on October 3oth I always hurry to post something on the 31st since they each can have one post of there of own.  So today I will tell you how it went. 

Saturday we got to talk to Logan since he lives in Georgia.  We sang Happy Birthday to him and he opened a small gift and birthday card will he was on speaker phone  The gift was a red camaro one of Marvin's collection cars he had.   Marvin said someday Logan will get it anyway and he might as well enjoy it.  It is Hot wheel.  We did not know who much he loves Hot Wheels. 

Logan's other set of grandparents where there so he was able to celebrate his birthday with them. 
Sunday he had a bowling party.  This is the only picture I have but isn't it cute?

For Kayla's birthday we drove to Portland to have a little celebration as she had already had a slumber/roller skating party last weekend.  Papa made Goulash (one of her favorites) and we had a birthday cookie

a yummy birthday cookie

So Kayla and Logan a year older.  I hope they had a Happy Birthday!  Nana and Papa love you both!


Sister Susie said...

I love that birthday bowling pin! I bet Logan did too.

Kayla knows what is good, goulash! I like it too! I would rather have a birthday cookie than cake! I have always like crunchy over chewy!

Tell Kayla happy birthday for me!

Love to you and yours,

grammy said...

Wow you have had lots of great BD celebrations ...
How exciting (o:
I bet you will have great Halloween pictures too...