Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Logan

Today our Grandson Logan is 4.  He is such a joy.  We went to Georgia to visit in March.  He loved his Papa to read him this book " Jesus and the 12 dudes who did"

He was such a papa's boy it was hard to get him on my lap

and he has grown since then
He is a happy little boy with spunk and a smile that warms your heart.
and he loves his mommy, daddy and sister Emma too. 
Nana and Papa love you Logan and we wish you a Happy Birthday!

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Sister Susie said...

Doesn't the time go by FAST! It probably seems like just yesterday when he was being born!

I've heard the saying that "The older you get, the faster the time passes!" Believe me, it's going even faster since I retired!! I thought being engaged in activity was what made the time pass. I don't know why mine's passing by (as I'm not that involved much and enjoy just sitting and having my coffee with the T.V. on and my animals at my feet for company, lol!

Give Logan a hug for me!
Love to you all,