Saturday, October 22, 2011

Enjoying Fall and God's blessings

I have the house all decorated for fall.  The leaves are turning colors and the air has been crisp.  My favorite time of year.
I have these things on top of the entertainment center however, the cats have been knocking them over quite often and I have already had to move the runner and the flowers. 

Our pumpkin patch only produce 4 funny looking pumpkins this year.  Just enough for the family. 

and our sunflowers are still blooming and they are so pretty
and look at little Jordan (not so little anymore, I believe he weighs over 5 lbs and the plan is for him to go home this week.  Thanks be to God for this miracle.   I am sure our niece Gaylene is thrilled. 

Have a blessed week! 


Sister Susie said...

Your "Harvest Blessings" tabletop is beautiful! We have had some nice cool weather here in Florida too! In fact our night temps have been lower than normal, no record breakers, but it really feels great. I'm sure it won't last to very long, ha!

Sarah (my cat) has been getting on my dining table. She didn't used to do this until the dogs would chase the feral cats in my yard. I sometimes hear the romping going on in the living room, hearing her growling at them. I think she had started jumping up there to get away from them. They won't hurt her, they just want to run after her sometimes; of course it doesn't help when she teases them, ha!

I still have hibiscus bushes. They aren't as big as they have been in the past due to last year's freeze. They will come back when it gets that cold, but it takes them a couple of years with no freeze to do so!

What a blessing baby Jordan is! He looks so handsome in his blanket! Give him a kiss for me. I'm sure Gaylene can hardly wait to get him home!

The LORD's Blessing to you and all of yours,

grammy said...

Pumpkins are so expensive right now...but growing them takes lots of we never do that either.
Jordan has the wisest face. He looks older than he is. Glad he is doing well (o: