Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn Blessings

Isn't this a cute little basket.  I found it at Walmart to add to my Fall Decorations.  Last year I decided that I would no longer decorate for Halloween but instead I would decorate for Fall and Thanksgiving.  The cats have been messing my stuff up.  I am concerned about what is going to happen at Christmas.  Khloe loves to play and is quite active.  She is really warming up to us.  She still chasing Tiger all over the house.  She has a loud voice and she gets excited when she hears me. 

Last Sunday after all the hard work the day before we were able to beat the rain and sit outside and watch the birds.  We build a fire and the kids enjoyed roasting marshmallows for breakfast. 
Even Holly's dog Sheila wanted to be kept warm

We are really enjoying our new bible study and fellowship.  We had another couple join us this week so we have a total of 10 of us.  We first have a meal around the table and then continue on with our bible study.  Marvin and I are the still the youngest couple by about 13 or 14 years although I know a few are 85.  We got to know each other better by going around the table and talking about where we were born and how we met.  I loved to hear all the stories.  We laughed and laughed. 

My mom is doing very well.  Thanks for all the prayers. 

I have a busier week coming up next week and I can't wait to tell you all about what I did. 

Have a great week!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Love your new Fall basket, how Khloe
isn't having a hay day with it!! lol

Good to hear she is warming up to you guys more these days, guess it is the kitten in her that likes playing, just like a kids!! lol

Sitting around that fire pit roasting marshmallows sound and look like a lot of fun, course,
it would need to be a lil cooler here for us to enjoy that! but this morning it was actually very lovely, it was in the upper 60's when I got up at 8:30, and so hubby and I were able to enjoy sitting out on the porch for awhile, so nice!!
Please pray that hubby want be too sore tomorrow. We were working in the yard and he was up on a ladder pulling grapevine and somehow the ladder sort of collapsed and he fell off, but praise the Lord he didn't break or puncture anything,
but he is quite scratched up and has some bruises, and is starting to feel pretty sore, so am wondering if he will be able to move in the morning. I made him take a hot shower right away and take some aspiring but it can only be the baby aspirin, cause of his other meds, so doubt it will help very much. Scared the dickens out of me, cause I had my back to him working on something else, and I heard him make a noise and turned around and was trying to get over there and just as I was getting there the ladder caved in and went one way and he the other, kinda caught his leg, but thank the Lord,
nothing is too bad, but know he is gonna be very sore tomorrow. He looks pretty bad with all his scratches, looks like he was in a cat fight!! lol
He said he was gonna tell everyone that I scratched him all up!! lol
Guess that would be his love dare
gift!! lol

We aren't doing the book, we are
just thinking up stuff on our own to do. Jerry has our book, and I
didn't want to buy another one.
It has been a fun week.............
Well Tootsie,
You take care, and glad you are having such fun with your family.
and your bible study, I am enjoying mine as well.
Love and Blessings, Nellie

grammy said...

I have a picture of one of our cats almost to the top of the Christmas tree... count on it.... it will try (o:
Enjoy the BS... I just can't get into the idea of a meal... mostly because I don't like to cook and stress about what to bring... then we always over eat when there is a bounty of food. What a party pooper I sound like.

Sister Susie said...

Feels like fall here in Florida... finally, ha! It suppose to get into the 50's tonight!

I watch the ferrel cats playing in my back property. They are so funny the way they stalk one another, then pounce, and roll and tumble with one another. Then they get up switching their tails; playing the game all oven again, ha!

I can't wait for your next post. You have me wondering now, ha!

Love to you and yours,