Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that my great nephew Jordan and my niece Gaylene are both doing well.  Gaylene has been dismissed from the hospital and she has been updating by facebook.  Jordan is back to his birth weight and doing well.  His mommy Gaylene gets to hold and rock him.  I give all the glory to God for this miracle.  He is such a cutie. 

I am thankful that Jennifer, Matt, Emma and Logan had a fun vacation in Orlando and had a safe trip home. 

I am thankful that Holly and Ricky got out of New Orleans last Friday as the weather was just starting to get bad.  They had a fun time in New Orleans and in Dallas.

I am thankful that we have air conditioners.  It has been really hot here plus there are fires close and the air is full of smoke. 

I am thankful for our Church and I am excited to start the 8 weeks of Meals with Jesus.  The first sermon starts this week and then on Wednesday evening we will be having dinner with a small group to discuss the sermon.  These sermons are based upon 8 passages of scripture from the Gospel of Luke.   Our first one is called " In Levis Home.  Luke 5:27-32 Jesus calls Levi to be his disciple which is unexpected because Levi is a tax collector."

I am thankful for our new kitty Khloe.  Things are not going as well as I thought they would.  Khloe is still chasing Tiger all over and they have not yet made friends.  But this is a picture I snapped with them looking at each other.

I am thankful to hear all my grandkids had a great first day at school

Kayla 2nd grade
Emma 2nd grade
Morgan pre school
Logan pre school

I have been experimenting with some new recipes so I will be posting about those soon.

Have a Happy Thursday!


Sister Susie said...

I so enjoyed your post! Praise our LORD for His Healing Grace on Gaylene and baby Jordan! I have been praying every day for them.

I didn't realize you have a face book page, I do too. I don't ever post anything on it, but I do respond to all my friends page!

I'm so glad hurricane Katia is going on up the coast OUT IN THE OCEAN!

I just started going to a new ladies Bible study at Church on Wednesday mornings! I know most of the ladies from over the years. A group of us went out to eat afterward! There is a book that was mentioned I want to get and read. It is, "Loving GOD With All Your Mind" by Elizabeth George.

I love the picture of Khloe and Tiger! They will work out their circumstances.

I am so thankful your grandchildren are enjoying school.

GOD Bless you and yours,

Janie said...

Welcome to the new infant in your family. I'm glad he's getting along well.
Grandchildren keep life interesting, don't they?

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
So glad to hear lil Jordan is doing so well, and that Gaylene is able to hold him and feed him now. God is so good. Any news as to when he gets to come home yet??
This was a great list of thankfuls,
all your grandies are so cute, always nice that they like school, and that first day is a very important percussor to that.
Hope all is well with you and Marvin. Hope Khloe and Tiger become friends soon, I am sure Tiger is not too thrilled either!! lol

Love and Blessings hon,