Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy 7th birthday to our Grandaughter Emma

7 years ago we patiently well not patiently waiting for the call from from our son in law Matt in Germany that Emma had been born.  What a beautiful blessing we received with this little girl.     We headed to Germany when Emma was 6 weeks old and I could not get enough of her.  I held her so much.    Here we are
and papa held her alot too
This is Emma today on her first day of school. 
This is when we were in Georgia visiting in March. We were so happy to watch Emma receive an award and eat lunch with her. 

Emma is such a sweet little girl.
She loves to read
ride her bike
play games
play with friends
go camping
play Wii and beat Papa
she love her family
and she loves God

Here she is with her little brother her mom (our daughter) and her dad

Happy Birthday Emma we love you!
Nana & Papa


Sister Susie said...

Children are our special gifts from GOD! I'm so proud that Emma has parents and grandparents who love her so! Many children today in society do not have that. As she is a blessing to you, you and her parents are the greatest blessing to her!
Love to you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Happy Birthday to Emma, she is a active lil cutie pie!
Like seeing that pic of you when she was a baby......very nice!

Hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend hon.

Hope all is going well with Gaylene and Jordan, know it must have been hard to go home from the hospital without him, bless her heart.
Maybe it want be too long.

Love and Blessings, Nellie
Thanks for coming by today hon and all your sweet comments.