Friday, August 19, 2011

A wrap up of our coast trip from last week-and the not so good

On our last full day at the ocean we headed to the lighthouse and the tide pools.  It was a little warm in the sun and the flies were really bad.  I think I had over 20 flies on me so I was constantly swatting at them.   The view was beautiful as we hiked up to the lighthouse. 

The sky was so blue.

Sara and Kayla were looking down at the tide pools
The seals were laying out enjoying the sun

It was slippery so we were being extra careful and  the flies seemed to be so much worse. 
I was busy snapping pictures and swatting flies
look at this beautiful tide pool.  It was about 2 feet deep
This was the last picture I took with my camera because as I was swatting the flies I dropped my camera in the tide pool.  It sunk to the bottom.  Marvin retrieved it for me.  The memory card still works but my new camera was less that 6 months old and it does not work.  I was so disappointed with myself.  Now I am back to using my old camera but that is okay because there is nothing wrong with it.  This old one is just bigger than my new one.  And I thank God that nothing worse than that happened.

Overall our trip was so great!  Lots of family time and a beautiful view. 

Have a great weekend!


Sister Susie said...

Among the flies, your pictures were still beautiful. I hate you dropped your camera. I always forget to put the strap around my wrist! I need to do that or I may do the same. I usually always use my old back up camera. My other camera's battery always goes dead and won't recharge. Those batteries are too expensive to keep buying, so I use my old floppy camera...yes, I said floppy, ha! I'm so glad your pictures were not destroyed along with the camera!!!
Love to you and yours, Susan

Janie said...

Uh-oh, sorry about the camera. I was once wading across a stream in zion, fell in, and ruined the camera. Very disappointing.
Love the photos, especially the lighthouse.