Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our First Full Day at the coast

Everyone was up so early and we headed outside in our jammies to breathe in the cool ocean air and look at the great view.  It was around 6 am.  We made the girls some hot chocolate. 
It was so cold that Sara needed to snuggle and keep the girls warm

I grabbed a cup of coffee and in my jammies to join in on the fun.  Lovely hair huh???
Where was papa?  He was making pancakes for breakfast of course. 
Soon it was time to go into town so I could find a pillow at Walmart.  Normally I drag one with me but Marvin said the car was too full....Oh well I needed a new one anyway. 

We also found a nice fish place called the Chowder  Bowl to eat lunch.  I had the fish and chips and they were yummy. 

We then headed out to find the beach, 
Morgan caught a ride on daddy's shoulders

Kayla and Sara stopped to pose for a cute picture.

We had to first get across all the seaweed to find the water

The water was very cold

Once we got back I had one thing in mind.  Relaxing, reading and drinking coffee
Morgan played with her seashells

Kayla read her book
Papa read his book

Sara also was reading but I did not get a picture of her.  Jeremy was busy working
It was also nice just to enjoy the view

After a while we went to the pool. Normally I do not get in but I decided I would. We had the pool all to ourselves.   

Morgan is like a little fish much like her daddy was when he was her age
Kayla does very well in the water too
Papa even got in the pool
I was able to swim laps and until I hit my foot on the ladder in the 5 ft.

  I have the fattest feet and I hate my toes but I enlarged the photo so you could see my bruise
It still hurts and I am limping around.  I always have at least one injury on vacation. 

Soon it was time to go back and see the sunset. 
It was another great family day at the beautiful Oregon Coast.



grammy said...

love the sunset and the whole trip looks marvelous.
I managed to not get any booboos on this last camping trip...but, I so know what you mean. Last year i stubbed my little toe (probably broke) so bad my whole foot was purple and I had to limp around....yikes.

Sister Susie said...

Living in Florida, it's so hard for me to think about "cold" in the summertime other than for in the air conditioning, ha! Your day was surely filled with joy and memory makers! I hope your foot feels better. I bent my big toe the other day and it still hurts! It's hard getting old, I can't pick up my feet to walk anymore, lol! Love to you all, Susan

lioneagle said...

Hi -

Glad that you enjoyed coasting.

Love those sun shots.