Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our camping adventure

This campground that we stayed at is a Christian campground which made me happy.  There are several campsites, some cabins (only 2 with plumbing) a big hall where there are dorms and an apartment and a beautiful old Tabernacle Church that was built in late 1800's.  It is huge and probably seats 1200.  The church part is all original and then in the back they put in restrooms.  What a gorgeous site it was and to tour and feel all the history in it.  I did not snap any pictures in doors just because I felt it to be too sacred. 

Isn't the stained glass pretty?
I am not a camper.  I did camp when I was growing up and was a girl scout and camped but I like to have a restroom and a shower.  I guess I am just spoiled.  So when our daughter Holly and son in law Ricky invited us to camp we had a few guidelines like we needed a cabin…..LOL….
Look at this great cabin.  ….
Do you see it? Bunk beds
We weren’t sure what to do until I noticed the chair was a futon.
 So our first night we settled in fine.  Marvin kept waking me up because I was snoring.  I would wake up and stay awake then to hear him snore…..but every time he moved I heard the bed making a noise.  At 2:30 am Marvin turned on the light to see that his bed was broke and pulled the mattress on the floor.  We went back to sleep until Ricky and Holly walked over in the morning.  They had Max with them because pets were not allowed in the cabin.  Ricky and Marvin fixed the bed and we went over to Ricky’s Grandparents camp site (they are the hosts for the campground)
This is where we spent most of our time outside playing games, eating and just visiting
We started the morning with pancakes, eggs and bacon.Yummy. I have not had pancakes for years because we usually have waffles. But these were made with the Aunt Jamima mix the reminded me of when I was growing up. 

Then it was time to break out the cards and play some more 10 point pitch. We had already played a couple of games the night before. We had so much fun.  Here we were playing inside the 5th wheel because it was so windy.
Before long Ricky’s grandpa Red got out his golf cart.  In this picture Holly is getting ready to take Marvin for a ride.  No special driver license needed???  Next  Holly insisted on taking both me and Marvin on a ride.  And it was a ride.  There is a path that has blackberry bushes and neddles on both sides.  Holly was cruising along until we saw a little hill that we had to go up.  Holly made a run for it and we got up the hill and started to go down into the brush in front of us where the creek was.  I was sitting in the middle and was screaming for them to let me out because I was laughing so hard I thought I would have an accident. 
  I was really get a good workout
Take a look at this picture.  Holly said her dad was laughing at a joke.  But can you see the awesome picture she captured with the roped ball that was straight in the air.  I am not sure what I was doing when she shot this picture. 

Holly put her feet in the creek

For a late lunch we had some yummy shish kabobs.  We had some purple potatoes.   I had never had them before but they were yummy. 

Then it was more fun time for Holly and Ricky on the golf cart whipping cookies (it made me a little nervous) but they were just having fun.  Too much fun.  I got the giggles again. 
There was also time to play horseshoes and basketball

and then there was the bean bag toss too
Some enjoyed just watching.  Ricky's Grandpa Red was sitting in the golf cart waiting for bugs to get near so he could turn on his shock racket. 
Much later we had a hot dog and marshmallow roast over the campfire.  It really cooled down fast. 
The moonlight was beautiful
and the campfire was cozy and warm
Sunday morning came way too early.  Everyone but me went to Church because I did not feel comfortable leaving Max, Shane and Sheila (Holly and Ricky’s dogs) alone.  The quiet time was good for me although I had some excitement with the dogs.  Shane was trying to move the brick across the road close to  Ricky and Holly's  car.  But I was able to get the dogs relocated and started reading my new book.  This book is so good and I would highly recommend it.  The author is Tamera Alexander and I am currently reading the Fountain Creek Chronicles.  I previously read Timber Ridge Reflections and that is when I discovered this wonderful Christian author.

This camping weekend has helped me see that I spend too much time on the computer and watching TV.  I loved the fresh air, the birds, the outdoor games, the silence, but most of all I loved the fellowship with our family. 



Sister Susie said...

What a wonderful time you had!! I know what you mean, I like my plumbing too! I don't know how campers can use the "camp style" bathrooms, ha!

The tabernacle IS big to hold 1200 people. Did it have a high ceiling?

The little cabins are cute. My mastif sometimes wakes me up with her snoring, ha!

I make pancakes ever so often. I put nuts and blueberries in mine.

My, I can't believe the amount of food! It surely looked tasty. Your pictures made my mouth water!

I love to hear the birds; hawks, sandhill cranes, whipperwills, besides my own that get excited when they hear the wild birds! My African Gray, Jerry, even makes calls like some of the wild birds!

What a great time you had. I hope many more trips are instore for you and your family!

Love to you aall,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Wow, looks like your camping trip was a real delight. What a great place to camp, it looked very pretty, and I am with you I like plumbing and A/C,
and a bed, an air bed would be fine.
I remember camping with some friends way back when my son was a baby, so that was about 32 yrs. ago, and we slept in tents on the ground, and my hips hurts for days after!! lol
and I said never again.......I will take an air mattress of something.

We never did camp again. Hubby isn't into that, but my son absolutely loves it.....he used to go with some friends and their families. One had a pop up camper tho. I actually like camping as long as it isn't too hot.

Yea, being outdoors is just a wonderful experience in and of itself, just very relaxing and contemplative I think!

All that food looks fabulous. Shish kebabs are fun and delicious.

Things are a lot better than they were the first of the week, things are looking more hopeful, and there has been lots of great discussion between us and our daughter and she and her fiancee.

We have seen the Lord move in great ways this week, and feel there will be a wedding in their future,
but good they are getting some things straightened out now, it is only going to make for a more delightful marriage in the future.
Just a lot of adjustments to make for now, but they are up to the challenge and both have a great attitude about moving forward and doing whatever it takes. Great desires for a good marriage!

You have a wonderful week ahead hon,
Love and Blessings, Nellie

Also thanks so much for your prayers we have truly felt and seen them this week!