Saturday, July 23, 2011

It has been quite a week

We have really had a busy week.   Besides a stressful busy work week for both of us we have had some issues that we had to deal with that have just left us exhausted. 

First I had to go in and see the Doctor and have some tests ran.  I got quite a scare on Wednesday with the preliminary results but found out by Friday that everything is okay and I thank God for that.

The Company Marvin works for is officially sold.  He still has a job but the health insurance is not as good as his last one so we are sorting out pros and cons on his insurance or whether to go on my insurance.  Either way it is still costing us a lot more.  I am however grateful that we can have health insurance and he still has his job. 

Earlier this week our 16 year old Calico cat Mckenzie (aka baby kitty) had used the carpet in the bedroom and on the floor instead of the litter box.   I discovered she was bleeding.  She has been losing weight and was not acting right.  We took her to the vet yesterday and we were given the "quality of life talk".  Since the vet could not get a urine test he just gave us antibiotics to treat her for a possible kidney infection.
 He gave her a shot and sent us home with more shots to give her. He showed us how to give a shot.   Marvin just gave the first one which was quite interesting but I could not get a picture because I had to hold her.  This afternoon she did not seem to be better at all.    By Monday if she is not better we have decided to put her to sleep which is not going to be easy. 

Then first thing this morning we zoomed up the freeway ( 2 hour drive) to help our son Jeremy and his family move.   It was a quick trip but someone needed to keep tabs of the girls so that was my job which I enjoyed. 

They were really good but could not wait to go swimming.  I went with them to the pool to see how the water felt.  It was just morning and there were already a few kids in the pool although it was already around 80.

We got home and I took a quick nap.  It is about 85 here now which is our high for the summer.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 87.  While this is HOT to us we have a lot of family and friends in this heat wave so we are not complaining. 

Hope everyone is staying cool!

Blessings !


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grammy said...

Sorry you are going through some trying times.
Jobs and companies going under is such a scary thing these last few years...and it does not seem to be any better. Glad he still has a job.
Moving??? Closer to you?
Enjoy your little heat wave. it has been high nineties here...oh my.