Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Final wrap up of family time and pictures

To conclude our evening a few weekends back we were able to light a fire in Holly and Ricky's fire pit.  Logan had to assist Uncle Ricky getting the wood chopped and loaded
 and of course your notice that the fire pit says Go Ducks on it
Ricky also was smoking some Corn on the Cob and tater tots
and then was time to grill some marshmallows for smores
sometime for leisure
and then time for the kids to lay down for a sleepover
while the adults stayed outside and chatted all evening long

It really got chilly and you can see the kids got back up

It was the most wonderful day that we got to spend with our family and I thank God for every moment we had. 

I am really behind on my blogging.  We just got back from camping and I have a lot of stories to share about our fun.   Have a good week!



Sister Susie said...

It's hard for me to think of the weather in the 50's at this time of the year (True Floridian, ha!)

I do love roasted marshmellows! What a joyful time you have had!

Love to you and yours,

NanaNor's said...

Hi Janet, What a wonderful family gathering. We can't sit outside because of the pesky mosquitos that eat me alive. You can truly have our rain-I'm so tired of the afternoon thunder showers lasting hours on end. We are going camping this weekend and will roast marshmellows.
Hugs, Noreen