Saturday, July 16, 2011

A bath and haircut for Max

Normally we take our 14 year old American Eskimo Max into a groomer for his bath and haircut.  It is quite a bit of stress on him (the dog) and so he has to take a tranquilizer and then Marvin has to assist the groomer.  After Max came home last year the tranquilizer made him sick and I mean sick like the runs.  So this year we decided to wash and cut our dog ourselves.  When Jeremy and Sara were here for 4th of July we took him in.  It was a family affair.
 Here Jeremy and Sara are getting instruction on how the water worked along with all the shampoos.
Morgan is with Papa just watching
and then they start the bath,  notice Jeremy has a Pink camouflage apron that his wife picked for him
Kayla and Morgan even got to wear an apron but Morgan did not want to look up
Max is looking happy here as he gets dried
and then before we move to the haircut table Jeremy lets Max know what is happening
Onto the table and then what?  This is a first

Jeremy got right in there and started to shave.  Sara is actually in this picture too but you cannot see her holding Max.

I guess I did not snap a  picture right after the haircut so I took this one from the morning.  Max was being playful because he wanted a treat. 

and then I have this picture of Max sleeping and all curled up on his bed in the car on the way back from camping last weekend.  Precious isn't it.  I have got to tell you that I love animals but 14 years when Jeremy and his dad went to LOOK at this puppy and they brought him home I cried because I did not want a dog.  However, I was reassured that this dog was Jeremy's.  With Max's personality it just did not work for Jeremy to take him when he left home so he became our dog. Max favors me now and I love him to pieces.  His health has been failing now for a couple of years as his aging progresses and I do not look forward to when it is time to say goodbye    I thank God for creating Max and revealing his plan that he would teach me so much about love. 



grammy said...

Looks like quite a job....but less trauma.
It is hard when pets get cat is 17...I think...not bad except for the 'throwing up episodes.
Love your camping trip pics...cute little cabin.
What a cool fire pit your family has...I want one, but every year I put off buying it.

Sister Susie said...

Did you wash him at your house? My Sam is 13 years old (lab mix.) He is having difficulty walking. I think it's more of a problem for him to get up. Once he does, his walking is slow. However, he perks up quite a lot if he hears me in the kitchen!

It is hard when they pass. I have confidence we will see them again in the hereafter. Romans 8:21-22 tells of GOD's whole creation being delivered, "Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the Glorious Liberty of the CHILDREN of GOD!"
Our GOD is so Good!

Love to you and yours,