Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July fun

Jeremy, Sara, Kayla and Morgan all came down on Sunday night to start our 4th of July festivities.  We lite a few fireworks out in the front

Yesterday on 4th of July we headed out to the Ems baseball game for a picnic, the game and fireworks afterwards. 
Kayla looked so cute
Marvin ,Jeremy and Sara enjoying themselves
Morgan enjoying a hamburger
We had good seats to see the game
Kayla and Nana
Morgan with the Ems bear
A cherry snow cone

The game was over and the Ems won again making it 13 wins in a row.   The time the game got over 10:00  so it was late but it was just a few minutes until we saw this
but I love this
seeing the amazing glare on our faces while I sat with Morgan and Kayla
and while America the beautiful was played
I silently thanked God for our freedom, my family and friends.   We enjoyed spending the evening at the game and we thank Tom and Donna Foster from Strapworks for the sponsoring the event and the tickets. 

Have a blessed day!


Sister Susie said...

The 4th of July; food, loved ones, fireworks! What a joy we have to be free in America!

Jim and Nellie had great food! We had great joy! Then I went home and watched beautiful fireworks in High Definition from Macy's, New York, and one other (I don't remember, ha!)

Love to you all,

grammy said...

what a lot of great family fun celebrations.... we ended up kidless this 4th,,,):
great pictures you posted
I like what you said on your 4th post.